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  1. Liu Kang93

    Ideas for MK11

    Couldn't find an official Mk11 thread so I'm posting this here. Saw it on twitter a little bit ago
  2. Liu Kang93

    Official Street Fighter Thread

    did capcom just troll Sean fans?!?!? lol
  3. Liu Kang93

    Official Street Fighter Thread

    So i keep seeing that Cammy is 19 in Sf2 and 22 in Sf4 so thats about 3 years I dont think there is a 3 year gap between the 2 games. Im going by Ken and the events that unfold with him and Eliza. In Kens ending in Sf2 he marries Eliza. this was obviously confirmed in sf3 with Mel being in the...
  4. Liu Kang93

    The King of Fighters XIV

    Some Hi-Res pics of Kof14 From these pics the game looks like it'll be 2d with 3d graphics like sfv, mkx etc etc and not like tekken
  5. Liu Kang93

    Official Street Fighter Thread

    I thought the green slots were for classic characters EDIT: Got this from an artical on Eventhubs "According to Dahlgren, we'll be seeing eight classic characters(Green slots) "that you'd expect in a Street Fighter game," and four are characters from previous games that haven't been seen in...
  6. Liu Kang93

    Kreate your own Kombat Pack II

    Lets just get a kombat pack with the 4 ancestor characters pictured with Liu Kang and Kung lao in the skytemple Or Skins would be nice too
  7. Liu Kang93

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    I know this is a spoiler thread but Im still going to warn you to not open this for anyone who hasn't seen the ending
  8. Liu Kang93

    Official Friday March 27th Kombat Kast Diskussion Thread

    So i havent expressed my opinion yet on Liu so i guess I'll do it now. Gameplay wise I love what I saw. Im a rushdown combo dealing kinda guy so from what I can tell I'll be able to pick up Liu Kang like its second nature to me. Do i wish they did a little more with his variations??? yeah. From...
  9. Liu Kang93


    Yeah its possible, but for some reason its like they ripped the pages in half here is an example
  10. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Scooped the last one at Walmart last night :)
  11. Liu Kang93

    A new Nintendo console???

    Take this with a grain of rice( got tired of hearing grain of salt lol :D) So there is a rumor going around that Nintendo is working on next gen consoles. The codenames for the new consoles are Fusion Terminal (home console) and Fusion Ds (handheld). Here is a link for more info on the specs...
  12. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Been awhile since I posted a pic. So I'll just post this ;)
  13. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Sup Smexys ;)
  14. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Dont worry Im still a bigger MK fan then a Sf fan :)
  15. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Yup I did it :)
  16. Liu Kang93

    Live Action Mileena Teaser

    My favorite part of this trailer is when Mileena gets cold lol :D
  17. Liu Kang93

    New MK9 Trailer for PS VITA

    Mk3 Ermac.... If most of the new alt costumes are just the ninjas Im going to be pretty pissed -_-'
  18. Liu Kang93

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    I think other wise :) @Ames Its probably because the game is being made in Japan.
  19. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Im usually not the type of dude to snap pics of my self in front of a mirror, but I really just want to show off the best 20 bucks I've have spent in my life
  20. Liu Kang93

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I ended up making this for the Tacobell contest for the PSVita. Its corny but whatever I killed about 20mins making it :)