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  1. Sky Valley

    The Evil Within

    Anyone else curious about this game? Looks promising judging from the first screenshots shown, looks really horror driven. Seeing the screenshots bring me back to when I first saw Dead Space 1's images, so if its anything along the lines of that game, it should be good. Shinji Makima of...
  2. Sky Valley

    Return Of Banjo Kazooie? "FORMER Rare employees have apparently reunited to try and create a spiritual successor to Banjo-Tooie" If this is actually true ,then this is the best game news all year. Cause everything good about...
  3. Sky Valley

    Your Video Game Collections

    of all consoles, the N64 is the one that I have the most games on. Its my favorite console. I thought it would be cool to share all of them. So if you have alot of games, feel free to share your collections. Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Blast Corps Body Harvest BomberMan 64 Conker's Bad Fur...
  4. Sky Valley

    Top Favorite Songs Of All Time

    post your favorite songs. Ones you feel have had the most impact on you, or ones you always seem to keep coming back to. But keep the list somewhat short. At the most 10. I want you to put some serious thought into selecting them. Videos are welcome, and if you like you can add a description...
  5. Sky Valley

    names you hate

    Chad Keith Spencer Blake Gina Channing Tatum
  6. Sky Valley

    James Rolfe (AVGN) Mortal Kombat Memories
  7. Sky Valley

    games you never completed

    got this far into Metroid Prime 2 and then just gave up on it. Of course it's been years since I've played it and could possibly get past it now. But still. This shit made me too mad. I prefer the first game anyway. so yeah, were there any games you either got stuck on and never completed, or...
  8. Sky Valley

    Valve Console?

    so we've been getting rumors about this for the last few weeks now, and more and more keep popping up. Just in case this idea ever sees the light of day, we'll have this thread to come back to. As for now, post rumors you may have heard, your opinions, or any ideas you are hopefull about.
  9. Sky Valley

    Resident Evil 1-5 and everything in between =)

    so did anyone here ever own the chainsaw controller for RE4? I always remember seeing it and wishing I had it.
  10. Sky Valley

    Soul Calibur Series

    all this talk about the new game is making me want to whip out the gamecube and play 2 again. So I figured why not make a thread about the series as a whole. as for myself, I've played all of them except the original on Dreamcast. And 5 of course, but I'l get around to that.
  11. Sky Valley

    SoulCalibur V Confirmed

    so I went and looked up some on my own, and all I have to say is WTF? robo Astaroth? Kinda cool I guess
  12. Sky Valley

    Drawn Together

    ok, I think it's safe to say that everyone and their dog hates this show. But I've always kinda liked it ever since it began. I dont know why. Theres more videos you can find of it through this video am I the only one who actually likes this cartoon?!
  13. Sky Valley

    The Gamecube gets a bad rep (and how it's better than the Wii)

    whenever you mention the nintendo gamecube, you usually end up with someone saying how bad it was. But I thought it was a great system if you ask me. While I understand that it seemed a bit foolish of them to not feature certain games that were also on Xbox and PS2 because the Cube pretty much...
  14. Sky Valley

    Ehrgeiz (SquareSoft Fighter)

    so I just randomly remembered this game today. I dont even know why, I just had a flashback of a girl with a spikey Yo-Yo, a japanese guy eating noodles and making a wierd face afterwards, and people fighting on a moving train. Things from the Intro scene. Then I remembered it had Cloud from...
  15. Sky Valley

    Heroes Of Might And Magic

    I know the series is still around and some of you may still play it ,but I only like part 1-3. So thats the ones I'm reffering to here. These games were incredible. They are classified as turn based strategy games, but it's not like a RTS at all. In a wierd way, they are almost like a board...
  16. Sky Valley

    Army Men

    now these were some fun games. I dont know about any other army men games they may have made after these, and I dont really care. But these PC ones are what I played growing up. Part 2 was always my favorite because it had the perfect mix of real world suburban and household maps, mixed with the...
  17. Sky Valley

    Best and Worst Cover Songs

    cover songs can be something great, but sometimes they can be disasterous it's all really based on your opionion. Some love certain covers, while others hate it. Depending on the band. I guess I'll start BEST COVER WORST COVER if you cant think of both best and worst, just post one I guess
  18. Sky Valley

    Famous Games You've Never Played

    never played any Mass Effect games, probably never will. Still waiting for KOTOR 3. never played Super Mario RPG, everyone raves about it, but I really dont have any urge to play it.
  19. Sky Valley


    nasty gurrl.
  20. Sky Valley

    As Told by Ginger

    hey this could be pretty goo- OH GOD NO I can almost smell the wonderfull animation