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  1. TioShard

    Fan art for Mr. Unloved a.k.a Hsu Hao

    Theres so much hate for Hsu Hao I will never understand. Anyways, thought I might go for a basic redesign and new story. I hope someone out there likes it :) Going undercover for the Chinese Military, Hsu Hao was to infiltrate the Black Dragon Clan HQ to retrieve weapons research that had been...
  2. TioShard

    Jade Fatality fanart.

    Well I'm sure most of you are busy playing the game already, but until mine arrives all I can do is draw to pass the time. Providing mine doesn't get stuck in customs. Hope you like it. I don't like Kobra.
  3. TioShard

    Cage Fan Art.

    I've been a fan of Cage since I was about 6 so I thought it was time to see if I could do him some justice. Hope you guys like it.
  4. TioShard

    Mileena vs Hsu Hao fan art

    I'm certainly no K1LLKANO but I think it's decent. What do you all think? The picture started to frustrate me so I had to leave it with quite a few flaws sorry.
  5. TioShard

    Baraka MK Gold look. With Art.

    I'm just wondering was anyone else as annoyed as me that the Baraka look from MK: Gold was simply not acknowledged every game after? To me it seemed like a cool and somewhat unique story arc for the series. As all the characters are known for their fatalities, it seemed great to have a character...
  6. TioShard

    Reptile vs Sektor artwork

    Mk9 cannot come soon enough. In the meantime I can create my own battles at least :D Hope you all like it.
  7. TioShard

    So what do you think?

    Can I pull off the "Kano"? Hope you all like it.