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  1. Sub scorpion

    Oh my god.

    mkvsdc was horrible, why would they make a sequel... and what the hell is MKvsSF?
  2. Sub scorpion

    A bug which bugs me (oh the irony...)

    Sup noob(saibot)'s. I noticed a bug which is kinda easy to fix... Every time reptile wins he get's a mask glitch thing... you know i'll explain it in a different way: 1. Go to "Fight" and choose "Test Your luck" 2. Choose reptile WITH the mortal kombat 1 costume. 3. okay win the rounds. 4...
  3. Sub scorpion

    Okay this shit doesn't make any sense.

    Okay i noticed this... Mileena, the player which appeared in mk2 DOESN'T have a mk2 costume in mk9. BUT jade does???? jade isn't even in the damn mk2 game! jade appeared since mk3 so.. makes no sense ey?
  4. Sub scorpion

    i need some helpz..

    Yo, So i am having trouble fighting motaro, i can't beat him.. i tried my jade trick which was using cyrax's net and uppercut over and over, but the net backfires and yeah... so who got tips? also where can i get those extra characters like that masker sub zero etc.
  5. Sub scorpion

    Sweaty hands.

    Are there more people having this problem while gaming? my controller then gets slippery and i can't do any combo's/special attacks in mortal kombat 9 (okay i can do it... but sometimes they fail cuz of the sweat.) somebody got any tips? i cleaned my controller over 10000 times, washed my hands...
  6. Sub scorpion

    Just showing...

    ... how klassic rain should've looked like. 10 minutes work in photoshop...
  7. Sub scorpion

    This insults the mortal kombat community.

    It does... EDIT:also it's fake fighting, if you pause at 1:51 you can clearly see scorpion...
  8. Sub scorpion

    What do you guys think is the most badass/best x-ray in-game?

    Also show a video of it. imo i think kabal has the best one, since he.... just watch the x-ray below :P.
  9. Sub scorpion


    Yeah i need to learn how to do the bomb trap reset thingy... somebody pulled it off on me online and i couldn't even possibly escape. I couldn't find a thread about it.
  10. Sub scorpion

    I... this!!!!
  11. Sub scorpion

    Mk Couplings.

    hmmm.... instead of kissing and stuff they perform fatality's on eachother. -cough-
  12. Sub scorpion

    mortal kombat arcade kollection.

    worth getting it for 9 euros?
  13. Sub scorpion

    How do it get...

    ... klassic noob saibot and klassic smoke skin? i bought the klassic skinpack which doesn't contain the ones of noob saibot and smoke. so yeah... help meh :P EDIT: titel needed to be "how do i get"...
  14. Sub scorpion

    Most stupid ending ever.

    Doesn't surprise me that the most stupid ending is of cyber sub-zero...
  15. Sub scorpion

    My secret battle experience...

    hi, this is what just happend to me 10 minutes ago, the red parts are what i thought at that moment: hmm, let's try doing babality's... -goes to ladder, faces sheeva and wins round one- hell yes, a flawless victory! -almost kills sheeva- And now for the uppercut! -kills sheeva and inputs...
  16. Sub scorpion


    Another idea: Make a skinpack download to get all skins of mortal kombat vs dc universe. like these:
  17. Sub scorpion


    Robot smoke. What do you guys think? this would be a good dlc character right?
  18. Sub scorpion

    This is such a load of shit and very very cheap..

    What were they thinking!? i hated seeing how my favorite characters sub zero and smoke getting killed by some old woman. this is very cheap of the mortal kombat crew... if it was possible to choose one of the characters and fight sindel, i would pick cyber sub zero and say the phrase "you are...
  19. Sub scorpion

    I need help.

    Hi fellow kombatants. Well i just got mk2011 (i know im very late at buying it...) anyway i get ass-kicked by the online players everytime. Somebody got idea's and/or tips? also which fighters are good at fighting? i now use scorpion and raiden,smoke or noob saibot.
  20. Sub scorpion

    i... need help.

    Sup y'all. i've had a question for a while about mk vs dc. i finished the story mode a while ago, now i thought it would restart by itself but everytime i click a side in the story the same ending of shao khan/deadseid comes back and afterwards the credits come. i have no idea how to just reset...