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    MLK "I have a dream" speach in full

    Dr. King's famous speech in full. my personal opinion is that most of both White America and Black America didn't understand the great message as well as they should have. we are all brothers and sisters,black,white,hispanic,asian,indian,arab and everything in between. we bleed the same...
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    Legalization of Marijuanna and acceptance of it's users

    Disclaimer to mods and members I have been given permission from Patrick to post this thread. and I have no intentions of promoting drug use,especially for minors. as the years have gone by I have been reacquainted with this drug,it has now become my drug of choice, and it still doesn't...
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    3d WIP of an MK Ninja

    as I said in a previous thread that got locked I've been getting back into 3d modeling and animation as well as other things,this is a WIP of a project I'm working on. similar looking to Sub-Zero. remember that this is not the finished project and there is still alot of detail work to be...
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    Damn I've got alot of problems

    I don't even know how to explain it and I can't tell you the reason but I just went through two suicide attempts in one day. by right I should probably commit myself but knowing what I know about those places it wouldn't help me. isolation,and them making you say everything is fine when it's...
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    My Piano-Computer-Keyboard mod

    don't know what to call it exactly since they're both called keyboards,right? I've been using this for the past couple of months, cause I can't afford a real Midi Keyboard at the time and it works pretty well for really simple stuff. anyways,I just thought I'd share some pics of it as well as...
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    PS3 sells on Ebay for 99,999,999 (and no cents) either Donald Trump is a big videogame fan,or someone is in debt for life.
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    My OS is NOT dead yet! (rant on the lack of win 2k support)

    god damnit! why is it that so many companys are saying they don't support windows 2000 anymore? like the damn programs don't run on that OS anymore. this has become far too common for me to not voice my rantings on this subject. seriously? when exactly was Windows XP the only operating system...
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    a Metal documentary!

    METAL: a headbanger's journey and I know what your thinkin' if your a Metal guy. you think this is some one hour VH1 bullshit special. nope. this film will explain our roots, why we Like Metal and will also entertain the hell out of ya. the last lines...
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    how to live?

    how the hell do you do it? I think constantly about this and each time I look at the results of what I come up with I see the results and they are as follows. 1.Be Egotistical. nothing gets you farther than a big ego. look at all the people that revolve around people with big egos...
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    it's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

    so some nut job in a country I can't remember right now (think it could have been russia) said that parts of a comet that's passing near the earth are gonna hit us since they broke off apperently not to long ago. so basically we're all gonna be screwed and there's gonna be a 2000 meter high...
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    Leprechauns are umong us LMAO

    found this being linked to from another board I go to on occasion and I had to share it with you guys. it's Leprechaun in the hood for real :D
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    Death of the Internet?

    a friend of mine sent me showed me this article and I happen to be of the mind that if the word gets out it's possible to stop this. it's very possible for this to come to be,but only if you let this happen.don't rely on the government because...
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    Pic:what chu talkin' bout Willis?

    since last night I've been playing with the idea of whether or not to do a photo edit of Gary Coleman fighting in the UFC. well,I decided to do it and here are the results. original ufc pic: didn't turn out perfect but ehh.nothin' ever really does. hopefully this is exceptable enough to...
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    christianity may give me a nice payoff soon : )

    I happen to have a coin of the Pope John Paul the second that I'm looking to sell. dunno how much it's worth exactly but I know it's pretty old.not to mention it was in a case. I think I just saw the same coin on ebay going for $10,000! so I could be coming into quite a bit of money soon. just...
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    former Metal Church Lead singer dies at 47 : (

    RIP Dave :cry: your music will carry your legacy throughout the Metal Ages. thanks for the Metal Dave.
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    hidden artwork!

    yep,turns out they did hide something after all...just some concept artwork for some sub-boss that got canned. in order to access it you have to hold triangle and x before you turn on the system,once your at the main menu press start,select versus mode with start while still holding the triangle...
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    now this is how a fake is supposed to be done.

    little Co-op with Ethix just did today. shang T'sung was made mostly from scratch(yes the robe is all photoshop and no outside sources,just the dodge and burn tool doing it's magic). fixed.
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    custom BG(I haven't made one of these in a while)

    I'm still thinking of adding stuff to it though but this is what I've got so far.half of the items I've used I made with C4d though so no you won't find them anywhere.once I get a bit better at making custom Props in C4D then I'll probably put them up or something,until then they'll stay in my...
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    MK Komedy Fake to get rid of some of my rust

    haven't made a single fake in a long time so I figured I'd try for a comedic aproach,it's lame as hell and not very funny but I tried to get more of the details instead of thinking up something hillarious and just doing a 2 minute copy and paste shit job. turns out Shang had a little known...
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    !!!!Metal Mondays!!!!!! (radio station thing I'm doing)

    me and a friend of mine are working together on a weekly radio show and I'd like to tell you all about it,I'm contributing many of the albums I have come across of the Metal Genre to this project,we just need you the listener to check it out on the 21'st of febuary. we'll be playing many...