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  1. LordRaiden

    The diary of a STUPID Mortal Kombat fan.

    Captain's log Stardate whatever: When I first heard that the initial free DLC would come with a pricetag, I was furious, pissed, whatever and refused to buy it just because of WB's corporate greed. I called Boon a liar etc. Then, just when things settled in my head and I actually wanted to pay...
  2. LordRaiden

    Jax has human arms all of a sudden!? + user contributed inconsistencies.

    Just a minor gripe, but if Sector, Cyrax and CSZ all have half cyber parts in them which is clearly seen when doing Fatalities. But! Jax has Cybernetic arms, not human ones. He lost those. When you do a fatality on him, all of a sudden he has normal human bones in his arms..... When he's...
  3. LordRaiden

    Stage fatality commands.

    How do I unlock these? In the challenge tower, I'm supposed to smack Scorpion into the pit with Jax, but I don't know his stage fatality.... I only know Cage's, Scorp's, Mileena's and Sub-zero's.... Because those were in the demo. Must I finish arcade ladder first with a character before it...
  4. LordRaiden

    Any friendly user got a DLC code left over? We EU people aren't getting them!

    I'm dying to get those classic costumes, but being in the EU, we get shafted when it comes to this DLC. So, if anyone feels like being a good Samaritan and you can spare a code, I would be deeply appreciative. Now, in come the laughing and flaming comments.... *Hides under desk*
  5. LordRaiden

    Just got a Toasty! pop-up in Arcade... WTH!!

    Just got a Toasty! pop-up in Arcade... WTH!! Do I need to press something when it happens again? I got it on the street level playing as Scorpion against Scorpion....
  6. LordRaiden

    My letter/ mail to Netherrealm.

    Just to show them what a reboot of a franchise can do to people: Haven't sent it yet. If you like, I can put your names on it as well. See what happens. ;)
  7. LordRaiden

    The mandatory install is a lie.

    Just checked and there is no option in the game to install it. Loadtimes are the same as in the demo. It loads really quick. I don't think shaving 1 second off of loadtimes justifies a 4 gig install anyway. Even if there was an option to do so, this doesn't make it mandatory. Just like the...
  8. LordRaiden

    Dimension Plus in Holland has it in stock and is selling it.

    My 70 mile drive has become unneccesary because now I only have to drive 12 miles. Happy, happy! Will post pics once I got it in my posession.
  9. LordRaiden

    I'm going to pickup MK ps3 later today in Holland. Any fellow dutchie want 1?

    I'm going to do a 70 mile drive to pickup MK (then 70 miles back). The guy has 2 PS3 copies left. One for me and one for you? Any fellow dutchie wants one, PM me before 2pm. I live near Den Haag and you'll have to pick it up at my place. I can pay it for you and you pay me once you pick it up...
  10. LordRaiden

    We have been treated like royalty.

    Just stating the obvious here, but never EVER has a developer implemented so much wishes and demands of long-time MK fans. I mean, all fan favorites are here, we got 2D gameplay, the Krypt, a decent story mode, online play, classic soundtrack, costumes, etc, etc. NRS has really listened to the...
  11. LordRaiden

    The * I spotted MK in the shops* thread.

    Hopefully this will prevent the boards from flooding with similar threads. Although chances are slim, it's not unlikely that some stores will sell it starting tomorrow/ saturday. Simple rules IF you located MK in the shops: - What store - Location (it's of no use for US residents to see that...