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  1. tyson334

    take a look at this i think its kinda funny
  2. tyson334

    parry glitch patch

    does anyone know if there is any plans to fix the parry glitch?
  3. tyson334

    story question?

    soo...was lui kang killed or severely wounded?
  4. tyson334

    No brutalities confirmed

    not sure if this was already posted elsewhere but: RT @ScarzEffectz @noobde I JUST DID A BRUTALITY ! ? Noobde: No you didn't.
  5. tyson334

    MK Universe online

    I know it sounds stupid...but would anybody be open to the idea of it?
  6. tyson334

    Chess Kombat

    did anyone else enjoy the chess Kombat mode in MK Deception..and would anyone like to see it as dlc maybe?
  7. tyson334

    Hidden Cursor?

    could it possibly be like in the old days with hidden characters?
  8. tyson334

    smoke colored reptile?

    just got to the secret battle with reptile..but instead of him being green he looked like smoke and was grey? is this a glitch?
  9. tyson334

    Prima Mortal Kombat Guide {PDF}

    would anyone be interseted in downloading it?