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    New Card Game!!!!

    So, I've been on these forums for a while, though I don't think most of you know me. Anyway, I'm a game designer, and thought I'd have you guys look at, and HOPEFULLY (:D) buy my new card game. It's called DEATH RAY, and it can be found here...
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    IS THIS TANYA/LI MEI/ Unknown in MK9 story mode!?

    Okay, playing through MK9's story mode yet another time, and I came across someone I hadn't seen before. I've been looking everywhere to see if someone talked about her or not, but found nothing. She shows up during Chapter 8: Sub-Zero. Here's the video: SHE SHOWS UP AT 2:36...
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    New Super Hero Movies

    here are some upcoming marvel movies
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    Sand ninja!!!!!!!!!!

    theres been alot of talk of having a new sand ninja character, and i've seen alot of people wanting him to be a separate character from Tremor, which i don't like as much, but understand, for that reason i've made a design for the sand ninja character: I named him Ahmad for specific reasons and...
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    New Tremor Design!!

    i made him to look more Hawaiian... idk i wanted to mix in different ethnicities into MK i also gave him some moves: Geiser: punches ground like jax does but with both fists causing a geiser to shoot up from the ground under the opponent Body Slam: Tremor teleports through the ground in...
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    Have we found all the secrets in MK9??

    I was wondering this. I mean they put in easter eggs like: -the screamer in the krypt -cyrax being in the wastelands -"meat" in the Cathedral background on the table -Khameleon and "Chameleon" in the background of storymode -Skarlet chained up and in story mode -Kenshi and Reiko's name being...
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    Shao Kahn should NOT come back!!

    Now that the elder gods have themselves taken out Shao Kahn, i think he should NOT COME BACK for ATLEAST three games (unless it is very necessary or amazingly awesome and twist-like). He was the series main villain, and I think his time to shine should be over, however badass he was (which i...
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    alright, in this thread i want to talk about slang, because i feel that it gets mixed up between different people for instance, i found a new meanings to two words that i've already known to mean something else. Flaming someone- (new meaning)to talk about someone on the internet -(original...
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    Shujinko for MK 10

    OR MAYBE MORE FITTINGLY, MK11 I know its way too early to be focusing on the next game, or really the next next game, but i can't help it. I'd like to know if you'd like to have Shujinko in the next or next-next game since his story overlaps the entire timeline and what his story and inclusion...
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    NITARA Redesign

    here's another drawing i did, this one is a redesign of Nitara, a character either hated or loved: I left a lot of detail out of places, like her hair, because people have been asking me to add color to my drawings, and adding colored pencil to graphite isn't really usefull after drawing most...
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    RAIN Redesign

    This is a semi-redesign i did of rain, i implemented is MKA look in her pretty heavily, but tried to make him look more agile, like a ninja rather than more like a prince. the little drawings around him are for special moves and fatalities, but i pretty much just used those that already...
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    I will Draw YOUR character!!

    anybody make up an MK character, but don't really want to, or think they have the skills to draw them well, i'll do it for you!! just give me the info about the character, and i'll draw them from whatever info you give me
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    TANYA Redesign

    Here's a redesign i just did of Tanya, tell me what you think: I'm also taking requests. so if you have a character you'd like to see redesigned go to
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    Why DLC?

    Drahmin, Moloch, Li Mei, Nitara, Tanya, Blaze, etc..... Why does everyone want all of these characters for DLC? They deffinately don't come into the storyline anywhere near this time, and I get that the story is changing, but with a lot of these characters it just wouldn't make sense to put...
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    Possible new characters revealed in MK9?? (Spoilers)

    Well, as you guys have probably already seen on some of a few of the characters endings there are new/unknown characters shown. For example in Jades ending there that woman who has been watching events unfold through other characters, who possesses her and in Kabals ending theres that man who...
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    Kabal in Story Mode confusion question!? (May contain spoilers)

    Alright, so after kabal beats -that one guy that some people claim not to know is in the game-, sheeva comes up and she says something about him defeating his lin kuei brother.... but Kabal has NOTHING to do with the lin kuei... is she asking this because he looks like a robot because of his...
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    Easy way to beat SHAO KAHN (on expert)!!

    easy way to be Shao Kahn is to use Smoke. 1. Any time he does a projectile, just use his back forward square move to reverse it 2. any time he's not trying to hit you or after he tries to hit you use his slide back circle I BEAT HIM ON EXPERT THIS WAY TIP/CAUTION: When he's throwing a...
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    Easy way to beat GORO!!

    yeah, i know, this is kind of a cheat, but well, the bosses on expert are just ridiculous. so this is my full proof strategy: 1. Use Sindel 2. Get Across the Screen from him 3. Fly 4. Shoot fire balls (standard) when he's far away 5. Shoot fire balls (close range) when he comes near you 6...
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    Chameleon and Khameleon IN THE GAME!?!?

    alright, so i was playing through the story mode. and when you look in the background in some of the scenes you see a grey clad ninja, who many suspected to be smoke in his original form. however, later in the story, standing next to him you can see a female in the original costumes, also...
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    MK Kharacters Unique Looks

    as an artist, one kind of small detail, that has me REALLY excited for this game is the fact that the characters don't all share that same bulky build. It seems like the developers really went out of their way (which they should have) to make each character look unique. like stryker, he has...