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    Respect the room!

    People need to learn to have respect for King of the Hill rooms, they are practically e-dojos! You don't go in to a dojo and grind your shoes all in to the mats, you take them off and bow. We are playing Mortal Kombat, not Call of Duty, people need to act like gentlemen and have sportsmanship...
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    Best place to buy MK9 action figures?

    Was wondering where is the best play *money wise and selection* to get the new MK 9 action figures? I see sites with raiden, sub zero, and scorpion as a pack for $40, but these sites say coming august or coming September, but I know these have been out for a while. Also I see sites with a cool...
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    Any VA MD tournaments?

    Are there any MK9 tournaments in the Northern VA / MD area?
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    Screen turns black on 360

    I'm now playing mk on 360 and I unlocked all the alt costumes in the krypt and then to nekro to be able to use them. Now every time I try to start a game single player or online before the character selection screen comes on my screen goes black and stays like that but I can hear sound. Anyone...
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    online damage different than offline?

    I was doing a kombo with Kabal which was b1,2,1 +Tornado Slam which does 23% damage offline, but while I did it online it only does 18% damage, anyone know the reasoning behind this?
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    Fatality Move list problem for 2nd player

    I was playing my brother today and he wanted to do Kung Lao's fatality so he went to look it up *2nd player* and there was only his main fatality available. I thought I've unlocked every characters fatality except for certain klassics, but it turns out it only did it for first player. Any one...