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  1. VictorMefer


    That was a nice issue. I'm really liking Kotal so far. Did anyone notice Reptile? In one of the last panels, the one that also shows Erron Black and D'Vorah, he's there in the background, wearing the same outfit as before, but he's definitely green. That must be he's primary costume, since it's...
  2. VictorMefer

    Secrets in Plain Sight - Mind-blowing video

    I thought about posting this on the conspiracy theory thread, but although it has some relationship to it, it's not quite about a conspiracy. I watched this video last night, and it's really interesting, so I decided to share with you guys. This video talks about misteries in the architecture...
  3. VictorMefer

    Kung Lao Thread - "For the Shaolin!"

    Kung Lao ~ For the Shaolin! ~ Kung Lao is a shaolin monk, friend of Liu Kang, and uses a hat with a hazor-sharped blade as weapon. He's a really fast character, with many tools for rushdown and countering. Moves: Normal Combos: Special Moves: [/spoiler] Tatics: Combos...
  4. VictorMefer

    Some screens from the new TV spot

    Decided to post some screens from the new MK TV spot, so we can see better the Tower and Kahn's Throne Room stages, as well as the old Shang Tsung:
  5. VictorMefer

    Challenge Tower Discussion

    For those who, like me, like to appreciate everything that's going on on the screen. Be warned - there are 44 screenshots:
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    MK will be available not only on PAX East, says official Twitter

    Posted just a few minutes ago: MK_MortalKombat: Crazy week... Who's ready to get their hands on with MK? @Official_PAX is coming up fast and won't be the only place. #EndlessTease Does anyone know of another videogame show or something like it coming up before April 19th?
  7. VictorMefer

    MK9 idea: Ko-op Tag Team

    Do you guys think it'd be nice to have a ko-op tag team mode? Two players fighting with the same team, each one picks a character, the active player would decide when to switch, do tag assist, tag attack and stuff, but once he switched, the other player would have the control. It'd probably be...
  8. VictorMefer

    Jax confirmed??? They say that Jax was confirmed in MK9, but I don't think that's what happened. I believe Shaun was just giving an example of the old arcade games, I don't think he actually meant that Jax is in the game.