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  1. xamoel

    Would you buy MK12 with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and all 3D era characters?

    thanks. well, hotaru is more like a guard mask. something like RIDDICK mask and darrius, i was looking for something more terrorist/ armed. scarf, and brown colors.
  2. xamoel

    Would you buy MK12 with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and all 3D era characters?

    Some of them needs a redseign (in look, history and moveset)or something :P
  3. xamoel

    MK 11, GUEST CHARACTERS.. choose your 4.

    Now with a little upgrade.
  4. xamoel


    Is a tradition lost in time. create characters based on subzero, or scorpion sprites, change the color, some aspects and create a brand new character from that. this was done repeatedly in the past. it was due disk limits reasons. the same logic applies to kitana and the cyborg characters...
  5. xamoel

    MK 11, GUEST CHARACTERS.. choose your 4.

    My second choice for a guest character on MK11: Pennywise. I preffer this one over michael myers or another "staber" slasher character. This character is more "infinite". Chances...... high. 1- is an WB propierty, just like MK. 2- very popular on the pop culture right now 3- extreme gory...
  6. xamoel

    MK 11, GUEST CHARACTERS.. choose your 4.

    DOOMGUY: a lot of weapons, he have a chainsaw.. and probably doom 2, could be announced at this E3 2018. FATALITY 1: PORTAL TO CYBERDEMON FATALITY 2: BERSERKER MODE (FPS FATALITY)
  7. xamoel

    MK 11, GUEST CHARACTERS.. choose your 4.

    Some people like the idea of have guest characters on MK, other people not so much. but is obviously that we will have at least 1 guest character as DLC content on the future MK games. We already have Kratos and Freddy on MK9, and JASON, leatherface, alien and predator from MKX. So... what are...
  8. xamoel

    Xamoel mkx cartoon roster

    Hi MK community, this is a little off topic...anyway. i wanna to share this with you too. Direct link
  9. xamoel

    Tremor Kombat Kast -- July 21st

    Well, if NR wants to complete the color spectrum. MK11 can have "PHLOX", a pink ninja (Is not joke, i think a plant, sleep powder, roses and spike manipulator can be badass on MK) just imagine the Fatalities and Brutalities. The other can be a White Ninja. (The opposite of Noob Saibot), that...
  10. xamoel

    Xamoel mkx cartoon roster

    Some renders :D. If you want to use it, plz credit
  11. xamoel

    Xamoel mkx cartoon roster

    Hi, it take too much time, but its finally here, enjoy it :D
  12. xamoel

    Most handsome male MK character?

    Jason.... AKA Bruce Willis
  13. xamoel

    Would Anyone Want New Characters For DLC?

    I hope NRS check this...
  14. xamoel

    Final Big Boss Guess - **POSSIBLE SPOLIER** A creature like ONAGA appears here... Anyway. Reiko could be badass as main boss
  15. xamoel

    Tremor!!! (also Liu Kang and Tanya)

    Pink for MK11.. Seriously, this FAN character looks so badass.
  16. xamoel


    I never thought about that... How Ermac´s fatality will works on Jason...
  17. xamoel


    Some costumes Normal jason Zombie jason (from part 7) Sack jason NES JASON
  18. xamoel


    Jason have like 9 costumes
  19. xamoel

    Some post mk4 character Returning?. Just read the twitter.
  20. xamoel

    Fatality ideas

    Maybe can work on Jason.. But this idea was thinked for Reiko :D