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  1. Matt McIlvenna

    TRMK Online Ladder [Xbox 360]

    Basic copy and paste of Notorious J.I.Z's PS3 thread, and just like that thread, we can increase the ladder if demand calls for it. The TRMK Online Ladder is about exactly what it sounds like. There will be a top 5, if you want to try your luck at the ladder, challenge the man at the bottom of...
  2. Matt McIlvenna

    Where do you place your fightstick?

    I was just was curious how others go about playing. I have the PDP MK fightstick and i usually set it on my lap, but I feel like its harder on my wrists having it that low. I tried using my Tournament Edition box vertically, but is too light/unstable. So where do YOU put your fightstick when...
  3. Matt McIlvenna

    Mortal Kombat II SNES collector's case?

    I saw this on ebay... So my question is, is this a real item? I've never seen it before.