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  1. YungQ94

    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    I kinda like Turning Red ngl lol. I have seen: Top Gun Maverick - 9/10 Everywhere, Everything All at Once - 10/10 Thor Love and Thunder - 0/10 Bullet Train - 8/10 Scarface - 10/10 Taxi Driver - 7/10 (8 when I finally understood it) and Nope - 8.5 out of 10
  2. YungQ94

    King of fighters 15

    Yeah I've been waiting on a sale so I can finally get it for PC. I'm sorta done with getting fighting games on Day one but KOF looks fun. I only want to get it to hit combos though lol
  3. YungQ94

    Whats this? Whats this?! ~ TRMK Drawings thread

    Venting out some things
  4. YungQ94

    Whats this? Whats this?! ~ TRMK Drawings thread

    So I got a drawing tablet for Christmas and did a thing Reference used
  5. YungQ94

    Sub-Zero's Misogynistic Low String

    Alright so I was fighting online one day when I noticed something about Sub-Zero's low string, b+3, 3. Whenever I would do this string I would always do ice ball afterwards cause that's just how I roll. However, when I did this midscreen the combo would not hit. I would get the two hits from the...
  6. YungQ94

    Goodbye Vital! We Will Miss You!

    This thread is dedicated to one of the very insightful, funniest and chillest dudes on TRMK, iViTal! Our dear boy Paul is leaving for the military on October 7th. So we can't just let him leave without saying goodbye right? Let this thread be dedicated to the best of our friend Paul. Share...
  7. YungQ94

    Leaked Deadpool Footage Sorry for acting like such a Tazzmission but hot damn kids a leak of a (hopefully) Deadpool movie! If you give a damn of who's making it its Blur Studios with the animation and Ryan Reynolds voicing the pool of death. IMO they did it...
  8. YungQ94

    Action Figures and Other Toys

    Oh damn something like this :rolleyes:
  9. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons

    I drew this picture before I left college for my summer break this year so I was in a bit of a rush. Anyway I originally planned to have Karyn having a hairstyle similar to the Karin from the anime Karin the Chibi Vampire (look it up). But for some reason I like this hairstyle better, think I'll...
  10. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons

    Notes about this picture: I was originally going to give Cevrvantes shoulder width hair but I thought it would look more like Kilik so I ultimately went with short hair. I gotta say though, I like this look. Makes him look like a straight forward guy but also like a leader. While drawing it I...
  11. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons

    Just a doodle, a really shitty doodle.
  12. YungQ94

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Behold!! My belated birthday present! I shall worship this Asuka model till the end of time :D
  13. YungQ94

    Soul Cailbur 2 Online HD!! For Xbox 360 and PS3 GET HYPED
  14. YungQ94

    General Injustice Gods Among Us Gameplay Chat

    :huh: I don't get it. What y'all nigguhs do today? NOT THE GYM! Oh my shit you have no idea how much you surprised sideways smacked my dumbass. I was reading something on the phone looked up and this nigguh had Red Hood Joker. Forgot how to play :rofl: Also BBBLP's Wanda is too damn...
  15. YungQ94

    Live Action Movies That You Want To See

    Pretty damn basic of a title. Grimmjow mention a Flash movie and I totally agree. I wasn't confident in the Man of Steel movie but the special effects blew me away. A Wonder Woman film would be nice. Then for the Justice League Movie I hope they introduce Martian Manhunter. Any other movies...
  16. YungQ94

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Ok. You may address me as Busboy Supreme
  17. YungQ94

    Wandering Days

    Wandering Days Prologue Peaceful days such as these always made the tall, muscular Spaniard smile with happiness; not a full grin like a fool of any sort but a small curve of the lips to symbolize his happiness. His sister, *Maria, always commented that his smile was the best charm. "If you...
  18. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons

    Only thing viable wrong with these pictures is the lack of detail. i need to upgrade my skills damnit
  19. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons

    Last time I draw on Binder paper lol. Gonna draw her again in the notebook, I just wanted to get you guys hype
  20. YungQ94

    Loose Cannons (The Story line)

    Loose Cannons Episode 1 - New Beginning Part 1 The warehouse ablaze with intense flames was hot enough for anything from a distance to feel it’s intense heat. Any sane person would not dare to approach such a hazard yet from above in the hovering aircraft there stood two brothers arguing on a...