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  1. The-Boss

    any kind of mk contests?

    patrick you said something about did mean that about the vita mk yes? and if not will there be any kinda contest or competitions vita related?
  2. The-Boss

    whos harder old shao kahn or new?

    im about to help my friend to beat 2011 kahn cause hes pretty clueless on what to do. i thought hes was the easiest person to fight in this game. what really got me was mk3 kahn. what about you ? which one gives you the most trouble
  3. The-Boss

    What is this poking buisness???

    boss here. reporting at 5:00 in the afternoon with nice and cool weather a beautifull day here on the east coast and now on lastest news about mk vita tom take it away. tom:thank you boss todays story is about poking-poking spam really is it fair or is it cheap? here we have someone who says...
  4. The-Boss

    megaman legends

    that game was one of my favorite ps1 games and i know it was said it couldnt come back on psn but is anyone else a fan of legends? i have played the original megaman and the x series but this one takes the cake. i wonder what it would take to get the sequel
  5. The-Boss

    bonus tower completed

    i just finished it last night.anybody find the mission before the last one hilarious? i thought the last one was interesting. i really like how netherealm did this.fantastic game
  6. The-Boss

    midnight psn pickup?

    im thinking yes but to make sure cause my copy is reserved At a game store but i can buy this game at 12 in the morning later on psn yes?
  7. The-Boss

    future mk vita update questions

    is it possible that later on a dlc of online tag team or king of the hill can be added ?
  8. The-Boss

    doom 4

    anybody wanting the next installment of doom. im actually waiting for doom 3 to be ported to psn like carmack said he "can" do back in 2005. he said we would get news on doom4 after rage was released and stlill nothing. hopefully they break some news soon cause i love me some doom old and new
  9. The-Boss

    the most awesomest move you love to see and use

    what character has a move from any mk game just makes you UGH. (in the good way) you can have multiples if you like. mine is scorpions leg takedown. i mean come on sliding down and grabbing your opponent with your legs acting as scissors and making them fall flat to the ground. its so quick and...
  10. The-Boss

    any reiko fans?

    i had high hopes for this deadly warrior as dlc in mk9 i really did and robot smoke but mostly reiko. i still dream about his gameplay trailer if he was gonna be in the game with close quarter combat bashes and free flying somersault kicks sending them in the air and punishing them down. so i...
  11. The-Boss

    future mk 10 star johnny cage?

    with everybody (almost everybody) dead in mk9. and shinnok will be next in line as a villain (it would seeeeeem to me) wouldnt johnny cage be the next main hero ? even in his ending it shows he will become a master at kombat. i know endings arent really canon sometimes but if the dead stay dead...
  12. The-Boss

    ninja gaiden sigma plus difficulty

    anybody beat this on master ninja difficulty ? i beat it on hard and very hard and halfway through master ninja and finished all the trials
  13. The-Boss

    awesome good quality gamestop commercial mkvita

    lookey here uh and if someone else posted this already then please let me know cause then i didnt know.looks great doesnt it?
  14. The-Boss

    the return of chameleon

    remember in mk3 when you beat up shao khan and you got to pick one of his treasures and you could fight chameleon.i know ed boon said he wouldnt bring characters back that werent really needed but it wouldnt hurt to have him return at least as a opponent in future games. i had hoped he made a...
  15. The-Boss

    what is your favorite ninja costume?

    what era of ninja design appeals to you most? the classic mk1? or the updated paintball mask of mk2 or the tatical mk3 suit? for me it would have to be mk2 i dunno why i guess its the mask really. just to know reptile has his mk2 garb in the vita will make me happy.even ermac will have it which...
  16. The-Boss

    ps vita party mk matches

    i was thinking since mk online will just be one on one maybe we can make the full of it. when the game comes out we can have like a king of the hill ps party a group up to 8 people can be in a room and we all fight and we rotate to the next person.i dont think it would be a hassle but...
  17. The-Boss

    Mk vita gameplay video question

    i would like to say hi to all im new here nice to meet you all and anybody who reads.and maybe someone can clear up a thought i have but why is it this game was announced way back but we arent having any trailers for it till the last minute.and its not a full screen trailer.its a youtube video...