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    Games Are Officially Art (Or use Google if you don't think Gamepro is credible enough) So what do you all think about this?
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    Farthest you got in Challenge Tower before skipping

    What's the farthest you went to before skipping? And if you haven't skipped any and beat all 300, then I applaud you and would like to know if you're actually a cyborg in disguise. :laugh: The farthest I got in the challenge tower before skipping was 250. That damn 251st challenge made me go...
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    Favorite character leaderboards

    Anybody else been checking out the leaderboards on the official website? I was and when I saw the most used characters it blew my mind. Scorpion's the most picked character by being picked over 86 million times. Just how many people bought the game? :laugh: Here's the leaderboards for the most...
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    The TRUE MK9 Fatalities

    All of these new fatalities we've seen were tricks by NRS! Something Awful has a list of the real fatalities and here it is! Enjoy :laugh:
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    L.A. Noire at 2011 Tribeca Film Festival! To have a video game be featured in a highly respected film festival such as this is amazing. It's like a new plateau for video games has been made...
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    Amazon Pre-Order Help

    Ok, I pre-ordered the game from Amazon, but on my recent credit card statement, it said that no money was taken out from Amazon yet. I looked up info about payments with pre-orders on Amazon's help function, but I couldn't find anything. So I was wondering if anybody on here knew exactly when...
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    Playable Bosses in MK9?

    Alright, now that it's been confirmed in Gamepro that Kintaro will be DLC for MK9, that got me thinking: Will the other bosses be playable as well? Personally I think they will because there's not really any point in making only one of them playable. But what do you all think?
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    Rating The Kombatants In The Demo

    For those that have played the demo (And also to those that will play the demo), how would you rate them from 1 to 4 (1 being the character you play with the best, and 4 being the character you play with the worst) If you want to further elaborate as to why you do or don't play well with a...
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    *SPOILERS* 3 New Possible Hidden Characters

    Found this on MK's official forum, and after using the search function on the spoiler file that came out, I can confirm that these are in the file.
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    MK 2011 Alt. Costumes: New or Retro?

    I got the inspiration for this thread from the newly revealed pre-order retro costumes for Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Reptile, which made me think about there being a possibility that there might be other old-school alt. costumes for the other fighters as well. If there are alternate costumers for...