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  1. ZMONEY220

    Godzilla trailer

    Did anyone see that New Godzilla: Resurgence trailer? I absolutely LOVED it! it appears after 12 years Toho is gonna make Godzilla great again his looks are not the greatest but he's definitely a force to be reckon with and the music is just awesome What did you all think of the new godzilla...
  2. ZMONEY220

    Online ?

    i just got MK:AK but i found out theres no one online :o add my PSN ZMONEY10202 IF you wish to go a few rounds in MK:AK in the message put "trmk"
  3. ZMONEY220

    who is johnny cage ?

    when you think about it who is johnny cage ? a booster gold/Barry Allen character whos a movie actor who has super powers that everyone believes are just special effects? where did he get those powers from ? whats his story? if he was in a dc comic or dc animated movie or tv show would he...
  4. ZMONEY220

    PSN Friends

    i dont have many friends on my friend list who owns injustice add me on PSN ZMONEY10202 i wouldnt mind fighting people on my friends list besides random people in ranked matches also help each other out with the buddy system trophy and other online trophies
  5. ZMONEY220

    Who is Scorpion?

    Every DC character has the same clear storyline when you think of superman what do you think of? howd he became superman? superman was the last son of krypton sent to earth by his parents from their dying planet as a infant and under the earth's sun rays he became superman.. alter ego clark...
  6. ZMONEY220

    Mortal kombat in music

    Mortal Kombat has became a big icon in the gaming industry that it has got some references in music Like in J.Cole in sideline story No pain, no gain, I blow brains, Cobain Throw flames, Liu Kang Wale in Chain Music Shady flow: Johnny Cage, chain flow: Johnny Dang Can you think of any more...
  7. ZMONEY220

    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman is the closet thing to greek mythology in any type of animation or comic book because her story goes more in depth with greek mythology so should she make an appearance , cameo or mention somehow in God Of War maybe ? and if a someone was to pick up kratos into to their universe...
  8. ZMONEY220

    Justice League: Doom

    I just saw Justice League: Doom Last Week... it was pretty good and it reminded me how good some DCAU writers are espically with the Direct to DVD animated Movies We dont know if MK Legacy is coming back, i hope so but.. getting to the point what if MKvsDC was a DCAnimated Movie or an...
  9. ZMONEY220

    Guest Characters

    Some Of Us Hated the Guest Characters in MK9 Most of Us Liked them.. I actually liked Kratos in MK9.. havent plaed with freddy yet.. waiting for komplete edition.. anyways.. do we want guest characters in MK10 ? in the original rooster or dlc ? or at all ? if you havent heard Pac-Man, Mega...
  10. ZMONEY220

    Super Xray [Koncept]

    i feel that tag team was just thrown in to MK to compete with other fighting games it has no uniqueness just tag team i sought for tag team fatalities, intros and outros but that seems unfeasable that last time i posted about this here on da forums so i created this new concept that is seems doable
  11. ZMONEY220

    Mystery ?

    At the beginning of Sub-Zero's chapter who or what is he freezing ? is it possibly frost? only reason i say that because he said "A pity you could not have cooperated" what does this mean? im sure its frost but what ya'll think
  12. ZMONEY220

    NRS's Next move

    With shao kahn gone who is the next villain? chronologically shinnok and quan chi will be but how long will that last? even though the armageddon wont happen because of da events in MK9 should the deadly alliance be in MK10? MK10 i want them to take as long as possible to create this game to...
  13. ZMONEY220

    Kustom Skarlet Costume

    wouldn't it be kool if boon paid homeage to her origins In MK History i hope DLC Doesn't end especially over sales we need new arenas
  14. ZMONEY220


    Here are where some dynamics i think in the game should change. their minor and doable 2 different intros to show that ur not jus fighting some stupid AI or fighting the same AI watch the intro twice -Character relationship intros Ex. "We share blood we're not brothers" Noob says this only...
  15. ZMONEY220


    Moves that some MK9 Characters should have or is missing from the game Sonya Air Bicycle Kick- Is seen in X-ray and was replaced by arc kick (i think) Sub-Zero Ice Pike, Ice Kounter/defense- MIA Noob Saibot Ninja Stars? Sheeva Enhanced Telestomp into ground? Sheeva Pound fatality as a Move...
  16. ZMONEY220


    I've read about Johnny Cage on one of Jade posts here on the forums and if Johnny cage ever want his critics to believe in him he should have a camera crew film a live Mortal kombat tournament where everyone in the world could see it, making Mortal kombat a televised event . Shouldn't it be a...
  17. ZMONEY220

    3d Brutality

    This isnt really a fatality but more of a redesigned or modern Brutality which is good right? so if polished up would this be good for mk9 if Brutalities are present in the game? PS. How do you make a signature on the fourms? that thin line on the bottom of a post
  18. ZMONEY220

    Button Layout

    Ive been Used to the HP HK LP LK For years and to hear that system has been changed to FK BK FP BP REALLY Disappoints me before i used to press Down Foward Low Punch to freeze but now i have to press Down Foward Front Kick that doesnt necessarily correspond with the action as subzero doesn't...
  19. ZMONEY220

    Kano Fatality

    We all know that the fatality where kano throws you and jumps on you is the most worse fatality ever i liked Quan chi neck stretch better lol. What im saying is the fatality that he should've had was the Eye laser fatality from MK3 instead cause it is one of his only classic fatalities that...
  20. ZMONEY220


    Ah Blaze. A hated character by most fans (im not one of them) What is his involvement in the upcoming game? and what of Hornbuckle? jkjk but seriously Blaze does deserve a Cameo, an appearance, something like a mention. because he was of this era of MK1-UMK3 as shown below. a little...