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  1. Fayte

    Does Kitana have her kiss of death fattality back

    For some stupid and odd reason this was omitted from MK9 though it had been a staple of hers since MK2 all the way up to MK vs DC Universe
  2. Fayte

    Cross Gen + Unreal Engine 3 = I Think I'll Pass On This One

    As an admitted graphics buff and tech head. I can't really get excited for this game. When next gen consoles come around I normally get excited because of all the new graphical and technical bells and whistles. However with the announcement of this game being cross gen and using the ever ageing...
  3. Fayte

    Did Dan Forden Compose The Music For Mortal Kombat 2011

    I had always wondered why the style in Mortal Kombat 9 seemed completely different. (and I hate it) Anyway I was playing Injustice and I noticed the musical style was similar to MK9 so I decided to check out who composed Injustice and stated it was a fella named "Dean...
  4. Fayte

    The Art Direction Of MK10???

    One of the things that first swayed me over to Mortal Kombat from Street Fighter in addition to it's violence was how realistic it looked (for a game back then) As much as I enjoyed MK9 gameplay wise I just feel it looks a little cartoonish for me. Obviously not as cartoonish as Street Fighter...
  5. Fayte

    Do You Like The New MK2011 Soundtrack?

    I'm surprised no1 has dedicated a thread to this, so like the title suggests do you like it or not? I personally think its terrible for the most part. There are a few good tracks I like Armory DeadPool and Wasteland but then you have your terrible 1's like Streets, Hell (Scorpians Lair)...
  6. Fayte

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 9?

    Just wanted to get every1's thoughts on how would u feel about there being an Ultimate Mortal Kombat 9 simillar to what Street Fighter 4 did with Super Street Fighter 4 More Fatalities, Characters, Arenas New Soundtrack (I know Dan can do so much better then whats in MK9) Personally I'd be...
  7. Fayte

    Can Somebody Show Me A Fatality Thats Not A Decap/Slice?

    Basically as the thread title suggests i'm looking for character fatalities (not stage) that aren't decaps or slices I've been trying to find some on youtube but I can't......
  8. Fayte

    Does The Games Anouncer Still Speak During Fights? (Sound Design Issues)

    Like he did in MK3/UMK3? Like at the end of a combo or timed counter? "Well Done" "Outstanding" "Superb" "Excellent" and does he still LAUGH when you do a really long combo or damaging move or when you're close to dying? Because I haven't heard ANY of this and i'm really heartbroken this is...
  9. Fayte

    If This Is 2D Gameplay Then Why Do Characters

    Turn with their back facing you? it's annoying this dosn't happen in SF4/SSF4 or any other fightinng game with 2D Gameplay PLEASE FIX NR
  10. Fayte

    Is It Just Me Or Did Mortal Kombat 2011 Graphics Get Gimped?

    I first noticed this when the Liu Kang Gameplay Trailer was realesed. I noticed the graphics on Kangs character model just looked off to me aswell as the Invasion rooftop stage. Thats when I decided to take a look at this video right here (E3 2010 Stage Demo )...
  11. Fayte

    The Music Of MK9?

    Music IMO has alway been one of the MOST important aspects of any Video Game I'm very passionate about it. The music in Mortal Kombat games have really gone downhill since MK DA We've all heard Ed Boon say "this is going to be the most brutal and darkest MK yet" which is great news but that...
  12. Fayte

    The Mortal Kombat Series Has Lost Some Of It's Realism and Atmosphere.....

    Back in 1992 when Mortal Kombat first made it's debut in arcades there was a certain "something" that the series had that differentiated it to the Street Fighter series I call it "realism" and "atmosphere" Now many would make the point that it was the intial shock of the fatalities that gave...