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    Mortal Kombat X has the same cover as Predators

    I'm on my phone right now, and can't figure out how to post pics, but they have the same cover, different characters. PREDATOR HAS BEEN INFRONT OF US THIS WHOLE TIME.

    Kitana shouldn't have been in (spolier)

    I get that Kitana is one of the mk staples, that aside I feel like she was thrown in just to be in. Rain, Tanya, Kabal, Stryker, Fujin, Baraka all had more story time/fights then Kitana did, I feel like having Rain or Tanya on the initial roster instead would have made much more sense.

    Any word on 2v2?

    I haven't seen anything on 4 player matches yet, which I really hope makes a return. Those matches feel much more intense and make good room for comebacks. *fingers crossed*

    New problem with the KE strategy guide.

    So I decided to master Liu Kang tonight, I whipped out my strategy guide to see some good suggestions on advanced combos, and every single combo in there is for kano! wtf is up with this? I think we should all email them and demand them to send us new ones for this nonsense :P there might be...

    An extra tip to help you master a character :)

    Well, I have been working on mastering Nightwolf, and it seems like my x-ray always gets blocked which has been a pain. So I was brainstorming, and I made a local 2 player match, set the rounds to 3, and put in the combat code for unlimited super meter(4-6-6, 4-6-6). You are able to get a total...

    MK Online Disapointment

    Screw MK ONLINE! I am actually pretty upset about this. My friend and I we're doing a bunch of Tag battles online, and lost about maybe 3, but won over 20, we looked at my stats and it said I had 18 losses and 5 wins? The **** is up with that? It's also doing that on his account when he plays...

    Almost a bid sad the came is comming out tmrw.

    I have incredibly excited to get my hands on the game. But I have been looking forward to this game since the day the first trailer showed up. Once the game is out, I really have no other game to be super excited about. I mean yea duke nukem, but this is different. I'm guna miss getting home...

    Do characters with klassic outfits have other alt costumes? please do not post pics

    I just want to know if, lets use scorpion as an example. Does he have an alt. other then the klassic? Please do not describe them or post pics or anything, just a simple yes or no :D

    I have a feeling Ed Boon is going to do an April fools day joke on us.

    Ed Boon has proven to be quite a troll, and I think he is going to reveal something amazing, or something really lame and have it as an april fools day joke. It's just a feel but it's something he would do. :twisted:

    How can subzero do his X-ray?

    Okay, so this has been confusing me for a while and I just want to hear everyone's opinion. When Sub-zero does his X-ray does he magically reach inside of your skin and smash your organ then pull his hand out with no one noticing? or does he get an insane grip on the organ and freeze it from...

    Kratos trail deconfirmes the picture of "Motaro"

    So I was watching the Kratos gameplay trailer, first of all, I just want to say he looks pretty lame, didn't see one impressive combo. But! the picture of Motaro that is in the art book is a creature that you see in Shao Kahns throne room. There is a beast sitting next to him to the right...

    The story line of Mortal Kombat after MK2011

    I've thought about this a few times, I'm thinking that they are covering MK1-3 in one game so they can start the next one off fresh, and it's when we will start to see a lot of new faces. I'm not sure if they plan to just redo the story line, but It would make sense for Shao Kahn to die at the...

    How would everyone feel with a Kabal re-design?

    I'm not bashing on his old design or anything, but I have a feeling he is going to look a little bit different. I found a picture while cruisin' around online and I think it would be pretty cool if they did something like this...

    I really hope that this is close to what Quan Chi will look like.

    I know its not official Kharicter art, but I think its a great design and gives Quan Chi a more evil look then his parachute pants in MK4. Thoughts?

    Why does everyone hate Stryker?

    Stryker has been one of my all time favorite Kharacters and I feel like I'm the only one that is happy about him making the cut for the game. I just want to hear why no one wants him in the game.