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  1. dodheimsgard

    i thinks this NPC character needs to comeback as a DLC

    Ditto on that Pingu guy from Armageddon. Out of other interesting NPC I'd like to see: - Prison Guard (Mythologies) - Levitating Shaolin Monk (Mythologies) - Shadow Priest (The Tower / The Portal MK2)
  2. dodheimsgard

    When did Midway decide that Noob=older Sub-Zero?

    Back in the day revealing Noob's 'trve' identity in Deception was pretty unexpected, at least for me. To this day, I haven't found answer if this was just a Deception recap or maybe it was planned all along? Any proof like interviews etc.? In MK2 Noob shares Sub-Zero fighting stance and and...
  3. dodheimsgard

    MK4 ending remade in UE4

    Some of them are changed or extended. Sonya's one makes much more sense then source material (clever use of leg grab to throw Jarek off the cliff). (Tanya) (Quan Chi)...
  4. dodheimsgard

    Is Mileena being prepared for Injustice 3 DLC?

    It's seems like NRS tries to make Mileena fans hungry on purpose and since Injustice 3 will be released sooner or later, will they dare to make such a dick move and fill MK slot of I3 with her? This idea has struck me recently and and I'm sure they've been planning it all along. What do you...
  5. dodheimsgard

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    List of MK11 assist which means: 1. These characters won't back as DLC. 2. Since Havik is to be removed form assist list... then guess what.
  6. dodheimsgard

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    That means no Cyber Bald Frost today :/
  7. dodheimsgard

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    Seriously, first intersting new character since Taven and Daegon. Guyz, have you noticed Cetrion somewhere? Edit: I thought it was Frost but it's just Necro-Kitana. Cassie - or how to turn shit into gold:
  8. dodheimsgard

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    Definetely not Kano.
  9. dodheimsgard

    Characters that won't appear in da future

    Boon has pointed Hsu Hao and Drahmin to be out of MK, propably forever. Is there any other character who has extremely low chances to return in the future? I think such fate waits for jokes like Meat and Mokap. The same with Chameleon & Khameleon.
  10. dodheimsgard

    Future Reptile's concept

    It sounds so cool to me that NRS are planning Reptile to gain more independent status. In original timeline he was fu**ed up the ass by every of his bossess and now it's time for revenge! I like the idea which have leaked but aslo have my own concept - Reptile could be awarded by Raiden for...
  11. dodheimsgard

    MK bootlegs / pirates / mods / TC's...

    Heyoo does any know any bootlegs / pirates / mods / Total Conversions connected with Mortal Kombat? As a child I used to play a few games on NES (MK1/MK2/MK3), rather crappy ones but also much better than official gameboy ports... There's also kind of MKM:S-Z parody on Sega Megadrive... But...
  12. dodheimsgard

    Why most of MK fans...

    Why most of MK fans seems to be narrow minded / conservative / closed for innovations? No offence but sometimes it looks like they want MK to stay derivative. Always the same wishlist - no new charachters (or it's best to keep MKT rooster unchanged), no new finishers, stages only from MK1-3...
  13. dodheimsgard

    We demand Hara Kiri!

    Hara Kiri was an excellent finisher, it suits MK perfectly and now it is gone. NRS bring it back! Let's create a hype strong enough to return Hara Kiri as DLC or at least in MK10. Damn, it was definately the best improvement from a few latest MK's and it should stay as permanent as regular...
  14. dodheimsgard

    What precisely Armageddon is?

    I'ts still unclear, what event called 'Armageddon' refers to (precisely). 1) Is it a moment when the realms shatter because of many powerful warriors fighting at the same time/place? 2) Or is it such happening, when someone evil gains power of Blaze and destroys everything (Raiden mentioned...
  15. dodheimsgard

    MK5 Early Concept

    News about MK5 leaked shortly after MK4's release. Help me gather all the early infos, rumours, screenshots etc. connected with the game which finally has been titled Deadly Alliance. Here's some articles from old polish video game magazine Secret Service (10/98 issue) with early MK5 rooster...
  16. dodheimsgard

    What fight did Shang Tsung announce?

    After short Kahn's speech with Kitana ('Begone!'), Shang Tsung announced another fight, what did he say? "The next fight will be Kenshi vs Reiko"? or "Kenshi vs Kratos"? It's hard to be heard because of Raiden's quote "Kitana's faith is a slender reed, bent before the storm." at the same time...
  17. dodheimsgard

    Fights from MKA intro - who with who

    There's an idea to sum up all the fights from the ARMAGEDDON's intro. Some battles are missing, so help me collect every of them. The (???) means that i'm not sure of such types and need some verification. I've tried to save original fight's order except the "2.a" part (too many details)...