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  1. TheWretchedCrow

    Dead or Alive 3DS now canceled and illegal to import to Sweden due to child porn law.

    Last year we got a stupid new law in Sweden because of a case involving a man working with translating manga series. Someone checked through his computer and reported him for having child pornography on his harddrive. He later got convicted for this and got fired from his job at BC Manga the...
  2. TheWretchedCrow

    possible Motion Capture for Kabal?

    I just read this in one of ed boons newest tweets RT @YungBZ @noobde kabal? Noobde: 2 of earths greatest warriors have been captured... Kabal, and Stryker So what do you guys think? Will there possibly be a Kabal reveal this tuesday or is Ed just trolling us? ;}
  3. TheWretchedCrow

    Cybernetic x-ray models changed for the worse!

    I don't know if anyone noticed (everyone was probably too jumpy because of all character announcements) that when Ermac performs his X-Ray you can't see the cables in Sektors neck nor any metal parts around his neck/jaw. Maybe you just think "we've already talked about this a few times" But do...
  4. TheWretchedCrow

    Chat Room meetups

    This saturday it's once again time for our now hebdomadal chat. It will take place at 20:00 GMT just as usual GMT means Greenwich Mean Time and is the central time zone on our planet. You can read more about it here Last chat was not our biggest chat to date with 1631 Messages in total...