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  1. jbell0129

    HELP! (kung lao)

    why cant i perform a neutral jump punch ( the punch where u jump straight in the air and punch them down in the ground) with kung lao? i cant finish combos with that punch in there. help me please!
  2. jbell0129

    mk9 sounds

    anyone have a link or know where i can get mk9 sound effects and sound files from? thanks!
  3. jbell0129

    Hunger Games Thread

    Did anybody see the Hunger Games yet? I saw it yesterday and I thought it was really good. I dont know if this has already been talked about but I wanted to see what everyone else thought about it.
  4. jbell0129

    Best Video Game you have ever played and why

    For me it was legend of zelda ocarina of time. The graphics were great back then, it had a great story and the action was awesome.
  5. jbell0129

    Am i blind or...

    Does sub zero only have four fingers on the opening screen? I have (360)
  6. jbell0129

    Online mk fights

    who has been doing pretty good online? I think i have won like 25 and lost like 14. Im feeling pretty good about that considering i used to get killed in umk3. Plus if u guys win, do you get sore losers posting messages to your account cursing you out?
  7. jbell0129

    trmk game guide for mk 2011

    I noticed that only 4 players have the fatality movies and xray movies up along with their moves list. I was wondering if the other characters are going to get xray and fatality movies too? Or do yall have a lot going on right now. Would be nice to look at them while im sitting here at work.
  8. jbell0129

    Favorite Music From the stages?

    Which stage has the best music in your opinion? I love the shao kahn throne room music. Sounds so epic
  9. jbell0129

    Most Feared MK Opponent

    Who is your most feared mk opponent? Like when u saw the tower and saw their pic up you knew you didnt want to have to face them? For me it was Jade in UMK3 bc she was pretty much a cheater. Who do u think will be the most intimidating opponent in the new mk?
  10. jbell0129

    MK2 on 360 - question

    Is there any possible way to play MK2 on xbox 360? Someone please let me know. or wii
  11. jbell0129

    4gb vs 250 gb for mk

    Im trying to figure out should i get the new 4gb xbox360 or the 250gb ...dont really want to strain my money and get 250 gb if I dont have to. Later on when i get mk and start downloading DLC i dont want to regret not getting the 250. I guess my question you guys think ill be ok with the...
  12. jbell0129

    LIU KANG fighting style

    I wonder what liu kang's look and fighting style will be like. will it be more like a bruce lee type fighting style or more like mk2 or 3. I thought a bruce lee fighting style would be perfect for this game - i.e. quick, sharp, powerful controlled attacks. What do you guys think? also kabal and...
  13. jbell0129

    Battle plan tower for mk9

    What do you think the battle plan tower will look like on the single player mode on MK9? What is you favorite battle plan tower? Mine is the MKDA one that kinda goes around the world. The music that goes along with it its nice too.