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  1. Dez Decaydance

    There WON'T be anymore DLC characters.

    I keep reading all these post about more MK characters.I heard that Boon said there won't be anymore.I'll be honest I do want more ppl play as.On the other hand...they have to save somethin for the next game.If they do release more characters i think it will be a long ass time.I do think that we...
  2. Dez Decaydance

    Mass Effect 3,Dead Island, and X-men Destiny

    Who all on here is thinking about getting these games when the are released.I need a break from MK.I am ready for Dead island cause its gotta hold me over till Mass effect 3 is released.Im not sure about X-men Destiny just yet...Im gonna try to scoop up a used version of this new Catherine game...
  3. Dez Decaydance

    OMG Im such a great Kung Lao and Raiden player!!!!

    ....No the F**k u aren't.Has anybody else noticed that when playing ranked mode that if u are playing someone with a skill rank over 40 they are using Kung Lao/Raiden or both of them?I have not a shred of respect for anybody that uses Raiden or Kung Lao.Half the time im playing Raiden I am...
  4. Dez Decaydance

    Johnny Cage getting Zoned

    Last week I was going up against a decent noob saibot player...and he ZONED MY ASS lol i had to give it to him.I just couldn't get close enough which JC to when the fight.The guy kept throwing those freaken ninjas at me and when i would jump he would teleport and grab me into the ground.I beat...
  5. Dez Decaydance

    Easily beat ppl who pick smoke by doing this

    BLOCK HIS ASS!!!!However dont duck and block Smoke cause he will do his enhanced teleport move and smash u on the ground.I rarely loose when ppl use Smoke.They all get pissed off but a win is a win.Everyone plays him the same. they throw that smoke on the ground then they get u in the air and...
  6. Dez Decaydance

    !!New Information From Russian Magazine!!

    Sub-Zero has new properties for his charge move. If this move connects succesfully, then Sub-Zero freezes his opponent and push him away a bit. Also he can do his X-Ray on the frozen opponent. - Smoke's alt is his Lin Kuei uniform. But it doesn't look like retro ninja outfit. His moves are full...