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  1. Empress-Mileena

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    My ghost bride look for a Halloween party I went to :)
  2. Empress-Mileena

    What do you collect?

    I have a small collection of Living Dead Dolls; this is my most recent one.
  3. Empress-Mileena

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Some pics from Wizard World. And my cat lol
  4. Empress-Mileena

    Whats this? Whats this?! ~ TRMK Drawings thread

    I've been getting back into traditional art lately. I'd like to do some digital work too, but I have always found sketching and shading way more therapeutic.
  5. Empress-Mileena

    Friday the 13th: The Game

    Friday the 13th: The Game is expected to release sometime in October 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Is anyone getting this? I probably will..I'm not sure if this will be more fun than Dead by Daylight though. The trailer only shows Jason killing people.
  6. Empress-Mileena

    Stephen King's IT - REMAKE

    I loved the original IT movie and I'm curious how this remake will turn out. Trying to be as open-minded as possible. What do you think of Pennywise's revamped look/costume? I kinda like it and since this actor is so tall, I think it'll look creepy in the movie. I hope it's KILLER.
  7. Empress-Mileena

    Tekken 7

    I've loved him since Tekken 2, even with the funky graphics. (Then came my shitty fanfics with him and Nina ;p lol) He looks amazing and HOT in 7! Can't wait to play. As for the outfit, I honestly have liked all of his throughout the series. Oh and I also loved his look in the Tekken movie...
  8. Empress-Mileena

    Pokemon Go

    Random drawing I did of ninetales. (Not much to do at work lol) I still don't have enough Vulpix candies for it
  9. Empress-Mileena

    Ideas for MK11

    This is really entertaining lol
  10. Empress-Mileena

    Official Your Pets Thread

    So many cute dogs and cats; well here are my pets lol I've had them since they were pups, they help me so much with my anxiety. Many people think they're gross or whatever..but on the contrary, rats make great and loving pets :3
  11. Empress-Mileena

    Pokemon Go

    Oh yeah, that's fcked up! I heard about that.. This game will take you on some interesting adventures.
  12. Empress-Mileena

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I'm an actress at a haunted attraction, so I'm always in different costumes and makeup lol I included my normal look too. I'm a huge Halloween lover!