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  1. the_sim

    Tomb Raider [Series]

    Oh how Lara has changed over the years!
  2. the_sim

    It's back!!! Mountain Dew Xbox giveaway!

    Some of you don't know, but back in 2005 i won an xbox 360 as well as Patrick McCarron on Well starting this September 30th is giving away an xbox one every 2 minutes Starting November 5th. Maybe i can do what i did 8 years ago... I refer to this...
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    GoldenEye 007: Reloaded

    GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is set for a 2011 Fall release date.
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    Best Buy! is having a buy 1 get 1 free on select DVD TV shows! OFFER is good until 2-11-2006 online only! The following are included: Seinfeld Soap Stargate Married With Children Dawsons Creek Good Times Sanford and Son All in the Family Outer Limits King Of Queens Rescue Me NewsRadio
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    Xbox 360... Every10minutes Prizes pics inside!

    Well, today i received the party pack. Inside it included the following: Winners card... 10 invitations... 2 coupons for free soda! 5 hats... Back of the hats... A bottle of MDX... 5 Shirts... Back of the shirts... Now i wait to post pics of the Xbox 360... should be next week...
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    Underworld: Evolution

    You can read more about it here!
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    You can read the story at
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    Like OMG!!! I won an XBOX 360!!!

    I'm soo nervious... ok, let me explain. Well, last night i entered 459 points in the drawing for 7:40am... Well, this morning when i checked the drawing for 7:40am, and the winner is from Rochester Minnesota!!! Now i have tp wait atleast 72 hours to find out if it was...
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    [Quiz] Which Halo 2 Character are you?

    Click here! I got: Which you should just use this code. http: // But delete the space after the http: And post as an image to get:
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    Has anyone else seen this movie yet? It's a muct see for Will Ferell fans!
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    Any good christmas CD's?

    Anyone know of any good christmas CD's?
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    Well, today my record was reset to 0/0... I dunno why, i'm not a cheater... :?
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    Xbox live cheaters no more!

    Now when your opponent quits, you get the win! No more cheating, unless they unplug their connection... perhaps?
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    Live Tournament... Round 1!

    Ok... the match-ups are as follows: GuiltyByDesign (GuiltyByD3sign) vs MKChick (miseht) whatashame (whatashame) vs Ethix (Decrethix) billybob40 (MaV 40) vs Kounterfeit21 (Kounterfeit21) the_sim (miseht) vs mahalo (gk4) Jeffwin99 (MaV 40) vs Zagabulldog3 (shakez03) Rules: This is a best of...
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    Havik's Alternate

    Dosen't it remind you of Skeletor from the old skool He-Man Cartoon? Your thoughts?
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    Submit your fighters for Live Tournament!

    I'm thinking 2 fighters for the Tournament... Mine - Li Mei & Kobra Once everyone has submitted their fighters i will list the opponents for everyone.
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    Just a thought...

    Has anyone considered the Classes that are still in session (in the school, at the near end of the village) as possible ways to unlock other fighters? This would mean getting back into the village in Earthrealm... if that is possible either. Any thoughts?
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    Live Tournament...

    What do you say, shall we have a Tournament for the Xbox livers? If so... should we make it interesting, or just do something normal? I'm open to suggestions, and since i think we have atleast 8 or more here with live we are capable to do so. :D Your thoughts?
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    How to add friends...

    For those of you who are new to Xbox live and wish to add friends, but cannot figure it out... here is the easy way. If you know your friends gametag, simply turn your xbox on, and eject your game. This will bring up your new screen, where you will see friends, simply click on friends and add...
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    Sindel and Kira

    I'm having trouble unlocking them... I have been to both places that they are supposed to be at. Do i have to fight them first before i unlock them? If so where can i find both to get this done quickly. Thanks in advance!