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  1. mkray41

    Mkray41's Fraudlike Gamelay Thread

    Totally copping all the other gameplay threads style; sue me :cool: Real new to this, so I'm just putting up some test footage for now. No commentary for now either since I'm recording straight from my phone too. Might change later if I get a camera. If you guys want a certain game, just tell...
  2. mkray41

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Figured I might as well add myself over hur to the pot; this was last year if I'm not mistaken during a small tourney a group I'm part of set up on campus. It was a Black Ops Zombie tournament. Whoever stayed alive the longest won. I'm on the right; I wore the mask b/c I thought it'd be funny...
  3. mkray41

    Dragon Age III: Inquisition

    Some details regarding Dragon Age III: Inquisition: Possible plot synopsis: -Inquisition will be BioWare's biggest Dragon Age yet, with "bigger" customization than Dragon Age: Origins, including options for your followers. -Will once again star a human protagonist, though with varied...
  4. mkray41

    What was your first combo?

    As we all know, combo's are an essential part of fighting games. So I wanted to ask you all, what was your first combo? My first combo came from when I was playing UMK3 on the Sega Genesis w/ my older brother when I was younger. I learned it from staring at his hands once while we would play; it...
  5. mkray41

    Info on Venom Movie

    Some info about the Venom movie has detailed. From source: It'll be interesting to see how all this "science" will affect Venom's portrayal on the big screen. I'll...
  6. mkray41

    Justice League Movie in the Works?

    Via : I'll update as more info is released. Lol at this not being in reaction to the Avenger's success. I hope they focus on releasing at least a few separate movies first before they release a JL movie.
  7. mkray41

    Bloodsport Remake in the Works

    Not much info has been revealed, but here is all I could find atm: I'll update if I can find anything else; I'm pretty sure JCVD won't be starring lol, unless they turn it into a movie similar to Rocky V, in which case I'll probably pass.
  8. mkray41

    PSN and Qriocity Customer Appreciation Details

    Here are the planned rewards: I'm getting Infamous and Dead Nation, if I can get enough space >_> lol. What about you guys? EDIT: For Latin America Details: For European Details: Latin America and Europe get different games.
  9. mkray41

    What Games at E3 are you looking forward to seeing?

    Which games at E3 are you all looking forward to seeing? Out of the games already announced, I wanna see Ninja Gaiden 3, Rayman Origins, X-men Destiny, Dead Island, and Spiderman: Edge of Time. How about you all? Heres a list of the games (the list will be updated for every new game announced)...
  10. mkray41

    New Terminator Movie w/ Arnold in the works

    A new Terminator movie is in the works with Arnold Schwarzenegger (spell check if needed) as the star again. Here are the details: He always said: "I'll be back". Looks like he kept his word... That was corny I know.... :/ What are you guys thoughts on the movie?
  11. mkray41

    New Green Lantern Movie Footage

    Heres a new Green Lantern trailer from Wonder-Con. It looks awesome! Enjoy :) Xzkk6qVmnqk&feature=player_embedded I can't wait for it to come out on June 17!
  12. mkray41

    Music Video Parodies

    After looking through this thread: I felt kinda inspired to erase that song from my head, so I thought, why not see if anyone made any parodies of it yet, and unsurprisingly, there are a whole bunch of em. My...
  13. mkray41

    Interview with Hector from Gameworld 2011

    If already posted, sorry; used search but couldn't find anything similar. He mentions the status of playable bosses in MK9, which will make some people happy :). Enjoy: 5oXWakjxoxc&feature=related
  14. mkray41

    MK Web Series: Two New Pictures

    Not sure if these have been posted; (used search bar and found none). Anyway here they are Enjoy :) Jax beating up on Kano: (Actually posted by KTANCH on 3/26)
  15. mkray41

    How do you react when your favorite sports team loses?

    I was watching the NCAA Tournament with some friends, and when our team lost, I was pretty upset of course. I look at my friends and one of them are crying and the other looks like he wants to punch a hole through my tv :( I can't say I don't get umm.. emotionally involved sometimes, but it's...
  16. mkray41

    Resident Evil 1-5 and everything in between =)

    Developed by Slant-Six (former developer of Socom), Operation Raccoon City has finally been confirmed; will be a team-based shooter. PS3 and Xbox 360 are the confirmed consoles. More info will be released in the May issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. Here are the details given so far: -The...
  17. mkray41

    Resident Evil: Revival Selection Announced

    Announced via Famitsu, Revival Selection (or Resident Evil: Revival Selection HD Remastered Version) is a remastered high-definition version of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, but no other new game elements; it will be released for the PS3 and 360. No additional content has...
  18. mkray41

    MK Web Series: Kitana Actor Revealed

    Via Kevin Tancharoen's twitter (KTANCH) : Sam Tjhia has been in such movies as Scott Pilgrim vs the World, the upcoming Sucker Punch movie, and the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, all as a stunt double.She was also a member of the Newmarket based Team Ryouko stunt team. Heres...
  19. mkray41

    Daredevil Reboot Gets a Director

    According to, David Slade (Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 30 Days of Night) has been tapped to put Daredevil back on the bigscreen; there is no news of a writer or actors, though some wonder if Robin Pattinson (Twilight) could be in the running. Personally, I'm glad that they're giving...
  20. mkray41

    Live Action MK Picture: Kitana and Mileena?

    Here's another recently released pic via @KTANCH. I believe that the two fighting are Kitana and Mileena. Kevin Tancharoen labels this picture: Girl fight! #mortalkombat Are you guys as excited as I am for this webseries? The pictures they're showing are looking awesome; I can't wait for them...