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  1. yautjared

    Who is your "nemesis" in MK 2011 ?

    Supposing you face an online/offline player opponent with the same skill level of you, against your favourite character that you know how to play ..... So, what MK 2011 character this human opponent could pick, that, it's your "Nemesis" , your "Kryptonite" who gives you hard time and...
  2. yautjared

    Who is the strongest zoner in MK 2011 ?

    Discuss. XD
  3. yautjared

    Appendix: Glossary of fighting games - applicable to MK 2011

    For those that have some doubts about some technical terms used by experient players here, here is a appendix, with lots of information that can be useful when people are talking about strategy points in posts, for MK 2011 This covers lots of common terms in 2D fighting games, and a lot of...