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  1. MKLegion

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    So Italian Gamespot leaked some gear for Shao Kahn as well as some other details about the game Such as: -Improved Matchmaking and Online daily rewards geared towards Comp. Play -6 additional DLC fighters (so far) -New Gore-Graphic systems
  2. MKLegion

    Terrordrome ROTL: Horror Fighting Game

    So I've been following this game for a little while and was wondering what you guys thought of it. It's by the guys who made that old fighter with Freddy and Jason and all that. From the new gameplay the game seems pretty fun, kinda similar to MK in certain...
  3. MKLegion

    Cerebrawl: Fighting Game Kickstarter

    Hey guys, so I was lurking through KS again and saw a campaign for a 2 V 2 fighting game called Cerebrawl (think there was a thread about the game before, not sure). The animations look cool and the music is pretty sick, what do you guys think of it...
  4. MKLegion

    Mutant Football League

    I've been following a game called Mutant Football League for a while now, it's the spiritual successor to the original Mutant League Football on the Genesis and is being developed by it's original creators. Right now there hosting a Kickstarter (which I backed) to finish the game...
  5. MKLegion

    UnDungeon Action RPG Kickstarter

    So the other day I was browsing Kickstarter when I came across this game called UnDungeon, it has a pretty interesting premise, cool designs, and some amazing sprites. Ill admit that Rpg's aren't really my cup of tea, but I might just make an exception for this one. What do you guys think of it...
  6. MKLegion

    Rotten Core- New Indiegogo Fighting Game

    Just found out about this new fighting game thats being crowdfunded, it looks pretty interesting and kinda has an MK feel to it so i figured I'd spread the word around. (Maybe I should move this to games board...
  7. MKLegion

    Indivisble: Action RPG from the creators of Skullgirls Just found out about this yesterday, their is an IndieGoGo project for the game, and theirs also a free demo for it, I played it and thought it was pretty fun, its like Metroid and Final Fantasy crammed...
  8. MKLegion

    MKX: Year Se7en

    Hey Everybody, starting up a new fic set in the seventh year of MKX 25-year span, hope you guys enjoy it :) Prologue Outworld, a realm that was once feared as Shao Kahn’s mighty empire, has now been torn apart by the hands of a ferocious civil war. But amidst the chaos and bloodshed...
  9. MKLegion

    Would Anyone Want New Characters For DLC?

    While their is a lot of talk about wanting veteran fighters for dlc in MKX (which I'm all for), would any of you want some more new characters as dlc, sorta like skarlet in MK9, who could be given interesting moves, backstories, and connections that could be reintroduced in future games like...
  10. MKLegion

    Mortal Kombat: Changing Tides

    Hello everyone, as most of you probably know I already posted one of my ongoing fanfics recently, and yea heres another cause I been working on this one for a while, MK: R.E.D. was a relatively recent project, so yea here goes, tell me what ya think… MK: Changing Tides Prologue: Downfall...
  11. MKLegion

    Sareena's Future in MKX-Onward

    Figured I'd just make this since I was thinking about it recently, now for starters this isn't a thread about "Sareena deserves to be in MKX over So and So" or "Support the bring back Sareena campaign!", I just was curious as to what you guys think of Sareena and if she should be forgotten, or...
  12. MKLegion

    Mortal Kombat R.E.D.

    Hey everybody, Figure I post a story I've been working on, their's probably a thousand grammatical errors but I fix those later, anyway, tell me what you guys think, Mortal Kombat: R.E.D. Prologue Red Dragon Headquarters, Unknown Location A man stood in a pitch-black room...