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  1. Jesse Thacker

    Who is you favorite MK Ninja

    Mine would have to be Sub-Zero, with Smoke come in at a close second place. I know Scorpion is a bit more popular, but Sub-Zero has always been number one for me.
  2. Jesse Thacker

    Has Anyone Found the MK9 Figures in Indianapolis, Indiana?

    I've called a couple of Toys R Us stores and a Gamestop, and they don't have anything. Has anyone seen the figures Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Johnny Cage?
  3. Jesse Thacker

    If Mortal Kombat was ever rebooted as a movie franchise, who would you cast?

    With the recent reboots of Spider-Man and Superman, I was thinking if Mortal Kombat was rebooted, who could be the ideal cast? Liu Kang: Shin Koyamada Johnny Cage: Matt Mullins Sonya Blade: Yvonne Strahovski Jax: Common Kung Lao: Osric Chau Raiden: Gary Oldman Kitana: Katie McGrath Sub-Zero...
  4. Jesse Thacker

    Mortal Kombat Action Figures from Jazwares

    I haven't gotten any yet, but from what I've seen of them, they look very cool. Since the 4" figures are due out within a month or so, I figured the figures deserved some mention. Anyone have any of the three that are out yet, and, if so, are they worth getting?