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  1. halli11

    Imagination time!

    if you were allowed to make one character for dlc what kind of character would you make and why:) i would love another ninja who has the power of the sun and has 2 butterfly knives and would be half god half human he would be an offensive character with many offensive capabilities but few...
  2. halli11

    Looking for a GOOD Noob Saibot player

    any one here that can do a short tutorial or tips guide for him would be highly appreciated!! :)
  3. halli11

    Favorite fatality of MK 9

    now that i have asked for the worst isnt it time for the best? here is my favorite
  4. halli11

    Worst Fatality of MK 9

    posted this in the wrong area before so i am repostin this here in the gameplay section of the forum. i think mine would have to be cyber subs first fatality and jax fatalities suck... kind of disapointed there Ps. please add your favorite X-Ray aswell ofcourse i choose striker his is...
  5. halli11

    least favorite fatalities of mk9

    i dont know wich one mine would be but jax fatalities are both bad in my opinion and also cyber subs sucide is proparly the most stupid one and the lamest as well.But whats your favorite a video with the fatality would be awsome aswell thnx in advance
  6. halli11

    Noob saiboit

    i have a hard time using him online it seams its really hard to start a kombo that does more than 20% is it just me or is noob hard to play... in my opinion he has the best special moves in the game and is the most strange character in the game. please leave any of noobs good combos in the...
  7. halli11

    worst kombatant in mk9

    well i dont really know but i have fought against somme noob saibot players and they all seem to suck with noob is he hard to play or does he just suck?