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  1. Temptress

    Does Jade have no fans?

    Oh no, they have a similar costume! Last time I checked, all of the male ninjas have similar costumes as well. Here's your proof, considering you're so biased on the whole 'palette swap' topic. Looking at those two, it's pretty obvious they share the same, if not more similarities than Jade...
  2. Temptress

    Kitana Revealed!

    Or this: Look familiar? :) I wouldn't want it to be the exact same as this, but something similar would suffice. They could also add a more modern feel with ripped skinny jeans instead of the shorts, but still keeping the combat boots. I think that'd really suit Cassie.
  3. Temptress

    Official February 12th MKX Livestream Thread

    So, because my post stuffed up before, and you deleted your original reply calling me a liar and stating you never encouraged or suggested that people pirate (which is ILLEGAL may I add Mr. Hypocrite) here's your proof, in case you're still suffering from memory loss. Also, last time I...