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    MK9 Title (discussion)

    So, it seems things are picking up a little here at Just out of curiosity, what do you think the title of MK9 will be? Personally, if this is a reboot (which i do not think it will be) i could see the title MK: The Beginning. Other than that, i am clueless as to what the title will be...
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    Possible Render of Superman

    Okay if i am violating any rules i'm sorry. This is a pic from a magazine, i'm actually not sure if i can post it.... So i'm going to wait for the go ahead from Jeff or pat or someone. But if you want to see it then pm me. EDIT: okay i'm pretty sure it's illegal. My bad
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    The Dark Night (Batman)

    This is a movie i have been looking forward too ever since the ending of Batman Begins. I can't want to view this movie. In case you haven't seen yet, IGN just released a new poster of batman The Dark Night. Here it is...
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    This might be one of the coolest things i've seen on the internet check out that video!
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    A Perfect Circle

    Let's face it. THis is one of the best bands around. Instead of going into a studio to just cut an album they actually compose, using all of their resources. Now they are making this new cd "Emotive" and they re-do john lennons "Imagine" wow. Check it out...
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    The NFL topic

    Welcome to the topic all about the NFL. Who's your team? Who will go to the super bowl? Go ahead post all comments here. My team is originally the 49ers but they are sucking bad right now, so i'm going with my second favorite team this year. The Eagles. My picks: Cincinnati at Pittsburgh...
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    Who are you favortie bands, artist, etc..

    Here's my list: 1. Cold or Staind (it goes back and forth) 3. TooL 4. A perfect circle 5. sevendust 6. Lo-pro Heavy: 1. Machine Head 2. Nothingface 3. Hennessy (local band) 4. Coal Chamber (there's to many to name! And they don't have to be in a list.)
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    What are you looking forward to? (games, movies, music, etc)

    Wow, looking through the list of late 2004 and all of 2005; i'm stoked for a lot of things. Games: Halo2 is a must MKD (ofcourse) RE4 (on my budgit those are pretty much all i can get.) CDs: Colds new one that will be out early 05 Mudvayne just got done recording. TooL (When they finally...