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  1. Skylot

    redditor on gamestop;they're saying a new character will be announced on 4/14

    on reddit, in the MKX sub, a redditor has apparently been told by gamestop, that NRS will be announcing a 'surprise hidden fighter' on 4/14, at midnight when the game launches. take that with an entire shaker of salt. but here's for hoping.
  2. Skylot

    So what characters belong to what faction?

    So in terms of MKX 'lore', what characters are in what factions? only one i know for sure i think is spec ops, which i believe is the cage family, briggs family, kenshi...
  3. Skylot

    Has the Internet and Social Media killed the MK surprise factor?

    lol... i did become quite curious while waiting for MKX mobile to download... lol... really man? lol i think this would make the front page of /r/cringe
  4. Skylot

    DLC characters occasionally greyed out and non selectable?

    What gives? Every now and then, offline obviously, I cannot select my DLC characters. They're there, but they're non single player, single fight ? Anyone?
  5. Skylot

    CSZ alt during extended freddy gameplay? here is some extended freddy gameplay...but if you notice around the 1:00, CSZ has a ice blue head....something i am completely unaware of,,,
  6. Skylot

    Challenge 300 life regen??

    Apparently you're supposed to regenerate life for this challenge after you beat each opponent, but i don't, am i missing something here?
  7. Skylot

    Fight Stick....the arm latch that holds the case open

    So ya know the pivot arm inside the case that holds the case open...mine has just started to make this loud crunchy/grinding noise...looking at it, it looks like its sealed up pretty there a certain way i should go about greasing it (like with some wd-40)
  8. Skylot

    Very strange glitch "record/playback with scorpion"

    ok so, can someone else try this to confirm...idk WTH is going on, but i cant figure it out... basically i go into practice and start recording with the in-game recorder, do my combo and stop recording, THEN i play it back, and scorpion does a different combo, that i did NOT do... the combo i...
  9. Skylot

    Perform one of each type of -ality :achievement. anyone got it?

    I'm trying to figure this out....we all talk about whether or not Brutalities are in..etc..wouldn't an easy way to figure it out be a babality and a fatality, if you dont get the achievement, then there are obviously other things like animality or brutalities correct?
  10. Skylot

    Tournament @ gamestop results. How did you do?

    Well, tonight i won my 1st ever MK tourney...i'm pretty excited, free copy of the game, and i suppose i have no use for it, might as well trade it in to walmart for a $60 gift card. Almost everyone picked characters from the demo....including myself, scorpion. All in all, it was what you would...
  11. Skylot

    How many stage fatalities/fatalities?

    so we kinda know that every character will have 2 fatalities, and some will have more. and it's been said that there are 'a lot' of stage fatalities. but how many total stages are there, and how many of those have fatalities on them?
  12. Skylot

    Local gamestop doing HUGE midnight tournament/promotion

    kind of exciting, my local gamestop is having several hdtv's donated from a local store for the midnight release, they are going to have a game website(which will remain unnamed at this time) host a in-store tournament, with the winner receiving a free copy of MK for ps3 or 360. this is in...