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  1. satinsoven

    Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

    It's a real shame I don't have a scanner. The digital camera doesn't do justice to the detail that is now indiscernible :( This took me about a month and cost me two eraser caps :)
  2. satinsoven

    Create a death metal band name

    see who can get the goriest, most gruesome name suited for a death metal band. here's some starters- Lemon Juice in My Bullet Wound My Decapitated Wife Scab On My Leg That I Pick On Razor Blade Cuts on my Scrotum
  3. satinsoven

    how would i alter a reflection in sunglasses?

    i want to take this- and change the reflection so that it reflects a beach, flowers, etc. how can i accomplish this?
  4. satinsoven

    Old Family Guy or New family Guy?

    in your opinion, do you prefer the first three seasons of family guy or the more recent episodes?
  5. satinsoven

    Iron Man!!

    once again, Marvel delivers. I think this movie came dangerously close to spiderman in terms of awesomeness. the humor was very clever and witty, which was good to see after being forced to sit through a trailer for another terrible adam sandler comedy. the effects and the robot suit also blew...
  6. satinsoven

    MK vs. DCU and MKSM fighting system?

    who thinks the MKSM fighting system should definitely either be utilized by or serve as a major influence for the guys working on this game's gameplay? i mean it was easily the greatest, simplest, and easily flowing system i've ever played. nothing i've seen can beat it. unfortunately, it's...
  7. satinsoven

    Skating Bails and other assorted shit this video was a ***** to make cuz i recorded the clips on my cell phone and then had to convert them, then find a suitable movie making program, then convert that...i don't even want to talk about it. what dyou think?
  8. satinsoven

    how can i make good blood effects in gimp?

    how can i make good blood effects in gimp? i want to make a scenario where a fighters head is smashed by a ball and club(think of drahmins fatality). Please help me! i don't have the slightest idea of what i'm doing cause im confused as hell, but i was fooling around last night and i kind of...
  9. satinsoven

    my GTA stunt video i made this video out of boredom on vice city for pc. it's the only youtube video i've been truly proud of. hope you guys like it!
  10. satinsoven

    post your damn tree!

    this is a thread for all of you who are still here to post pics of your christmas trees.
  11. satinsoven

    KoRn Issues album cover I did this drawing when i was stuck in brazil for a month with nothing to do. It isn't traced, which is obvious if you look closely at David and Jon Davis's heads. I recently started the coloring, and will finish it up once i get...
  12. satinsoven

    animation question/help

    I am going to make a music video, but an animation. It will be drawings flashed with a song in the backround. I need to know how many frames I need for a 3:08 long video, what kind of program to use and all that. I know some of you make those fatalities, so It would help a lot for help and tips...
  13. satinsoven

    I come out of retirement-sprite!

    I come out of retirement-sprite!(Updated!) THis is likely my first sprite in over half a year... I lost track of the time. For this, I combined some of my old abilities and shortcuts with new skills, with the help of MS Digital Image Editor, MS Paint, and one of Arctic's sprites as a model. And...
  14. satinsoven

    Poem:The Final Drop of BLood

    I might not be as good as whoever does poetry around here(deadskull drummer, i think)but this is the version i submitted to my school's sussex county poetry contest. i don't think it will win, but i thought i should share it with you people because win or lose I might make more of these. THE...
  15. satinsoven

    mka poem

    this is an entry for a contest at school. is it good? keep in mind i left it at school so i had to type it by memory:) edit: i like it better than the paper original THE FINAL DROP OF BLOOD It was once said that the chaos this age of warriors caused would lead to the acopalypse. The cloudy fogs...
  16. satinsoven

    which movie- harry potter 5 or simpsons?

    both pics are coming out july 2007 and i gotta pick. i am a loyal fan to both series. what are your thoughts?
  17. satinsoven

    hand drawn ECW

    sandman raven cactus jack rhyno
  18. satinsoven

    sandman drawings! snadman from ECW is back in my first submitted drawing! what do you think, besides the picture quality because the camera sucked. ps- if someone lives in New Jersey and has a fax and photo uploader machine, i could give you the whole...
  19. satinsoven

    Huge Ed Boon Announcment at Fight Night!!

    MKO's Fight Night has recently passed, with some interseting responses, statments, and a tiny preview of MK8. Remember the dark days in October, when we were devastated by MKA's lack of story? Well, ED Boon has confirmed at last night's fight Night that charcter bios are coming on the official...