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  1. The 7th Number

    Get over here bro

    not my creation but thought it was funny.
  2. The 7th Number

    Anyone try a Fightpad with the demo?

    Has anyone with the ps3 demo tried it out with either the SFIV fightpad or MVC3 fightpad? If i buy this for xbox 360 i might have to get one of these controllers. I dont have enough money to buy the 150 dollar edition. So these are my only alternatives. I know SFIV was great for SF, though you...
  3. The 7th Number

    Xbox 360 - King of the Hill avatar clothes?

    Ok i didnt search, so dont flame me if this has been asked. But what exactly is the KOTH 360 clothes you get with the game? The card shows a Kung Lao type outfit. But is it a random MK character outfit, or do you get more than one character? Are these in game only, or will your avatar wear them...
  4. The 7th Number

    Boon hints at Xbox 360 exclusive on twitter?

    Just saw this on his twitter... This is good news..... hope we hear something soon about the XBox 360 version.!/noobde/status/47834172340977664
  5. The 7th Number

    Arcade controller layout?

    Can anyone explain the controller layout. I see a 5 like dice button layout with X,Y,A,B, being the four outside buttons, while RT is in the middle. Then there is the LB below that formation to the left. While LT and RB are at the middle top, by the back/power/start buttons. So what buttons do...
  6. The 7th Number

    Ed Boon reveals Mortal Kombat: Fire & Ice, a canceled co-op game

    Im surprised i didnt see this posted somewhere, unless i overlooked it? But damn this sounds like it would have been a cool game. Loved Shaolin Monks.
  7. The 7th Number

    Who is getting Super Street Fighter IV?

    Its about a month away, and im thinking i am going to pick this up. I played a lot of SFIV, and even have all but 1 DLC outfit packs. I believe these will work for the new version too. Just wanted to see how many people are going to buy the Super edition of SFIV. Ill get it on 360 again since i...
  8. The 7th Number


    Seen this on Kotaku.
  9. The 7th Number

    Mortal Kombat vs Donkey Kong

    Check it out, pretty cool. zg9drJrO-f4
  10. The 7th Number

    Mortal Kombat shirt

    Thought this was funny...
  11. The 7th Number

    Obama Icon Me

    Here is a site that allows you to upload pics and make them look similar to Obamas poster. Its pretty sweet. Here are a couple i did.
  12. The 7th Number

    Was it ever revealed?

    I remember hector and the other dude in the MK Podcasts saying there were clues on to who was in the game. They commented on how obvious it was. Did they ever say what the clues were, and who it was for? Sometimes i think they were making it up.
  13. The 7th Number

    New MK vs DC Gamerpics Available on XBLM

    MK Villian Picture Pack - 100 points Scorpion, Baraka, Kano, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, MK Logo MK Hero Picture Pack - 100 points Sonya, Liu Kang, Jax, Kitana, Raiden, Sub-Zero Tried my best to get good pics...thats the best i could do. :) Maybe they will release a Heroes and Villians pack of...
  14. The 7th Number

    Introducing Thee one, thee only... Jon Lajoie

    If you dont know him, watch these videos, they are awesome. Song: Show Me Your Genitals Song: Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina Song: Everyday Normal Guy
  15. The 7th Number

    Choose your Kandidate!

    Thought this was funny. :mrgreen: LINKSY
  16. The 7th Number

    New game convention screens

    Go to THIS SITE to see some character selection screens, better pics of the new characters, and whatever else.
  17. The 7th Number

    New Pics Aug 19th, in game Joker, Kang, Kitana, Lantern

    Here are some new pics i found, someone posted on another forum. I have no idea where they got them from. Insidemk is on the images but ive never went there before.
  18. The 7th Number

    RAGE!... NY Style... has a new pic that says "RAGE!" with text hidden under it saying "NY Style". Any ideas guys???
  19. The 7th Number

    Shark pic at

    Check it out, its a new pic at Could this be a fatality? A hint at a hooked hand villain? Take your guess.
  20. The 7th Number

    4 Comic Con Characters?

    So when are they going to tell us? Friday?