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  1. PapaGreg

    Which is more humiliating, Brutalities or Fatalities

    I choose brutalties
  2. PapaGreg

    Mileena is oddly adorable

    The more I look at Mileena's face the more I realise that she's cute, not beautiful or sexy but cute
  3. PapaGreg

    Who wants new costumes for new characters

    Seriously I mostly main new characters and I'm tired of choosing the same 2 costume meanwhile the old characters practically have wardrobes of costumes Seriously its as if the old characters are valley girls who are mostly worried about shoping and the new characters are a bunch of poor kids...
  4. PapaGreg

    Favorite/Least MKX endings

    So what are your favorite endings to MKX mine were Ferra/Torr- Not only we learned more about their race but I found it very emotional Kano/Kotal Kahn- The cycle continues Least Favorite Erron Black- Found it sort of bland Sonya- Really stupid
  5. PapaGreg

    So Kung Jin is Gay

    What are your thoughts about it
  6. PapaGreg

    Johnny Cage is pretty much a Nen User

    His Variations pretty much speak for it A-list Enhancer Fistcuffs- Transmitter Stunt Double-Emitter
  7. PapaGreg

    Is it a bad thing that this game borrows some from Injustice

    I here that people say Erron plays similer as Harely Quien and Kung Jin to Green Arrow, personally I don't really see a problem but what do you guys think
  8. PapaGreg

    Did Takeda's gameplay change your mind about the character

    Personally I didn't think too much of Takeda but his gameplay makes me want to main him
  9. PapaGreg

    How does a character look like an Mk Character/should we leave that idea

    This thread is a little late with most of the people who hate the designs left but I wanna here your thoughts on the idea if we should go beyond on what an MK character looks like
  10. PapaGreg

    Reptile revealed!

    Or Asui Tsuyu from Boku no Hero Academia
  11. PapaGreg

    Who wants to see Earthrealm as the antagonist

    Maybe for not this game but I do want to see a part of the story where Earthrealm goes all militaristic and decides to take over some of the realms. Maybe they can research some magic, learn how to kill outworld's monster, unite the countries as one nation and flat out try to control the other...
  12. PapaGreg

    Alternative costumes you want to see in MK X

    Oh here are some costumes before I go to bed Oni Fuijin Fancy Suit Cassie Cage Fire Nation Scorpion Master Blaster Ferra and Tor
  13. PapaGreg

    Alternative costumes you want to see in MK X

    Whether it be a theme or a specific costume you customized in your head what type of costumes do you wan't to see, personally I want at least one character to have a post apocalyptic theme or see Scorpion have a more of a spectre form or a demonic form
  14. PapaGreg

    Official Anime Discussion

    OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH an anime thread and seeing how you people were talking about AOT I was thinking what you guys think of the next AOT anime coming out this Fall called Terra Formars
  15. PapaGreg

    Do you think MK X should focus more on science based characters

    I just notice that the 3 cyborgs are the only characters in MK that have elements of hard science fiction I mean sure you get bionics like Jax, Kano, and Hsu Hao but they are a little light on the science and technology so I want to see more characters whos specials or attacks are based on...