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  1. Mudknot

    What endings should be Cannon/half Cannon?

    The story endings always play a good part in the following game, however whos story would you like to see become Story Cannon?
  2. Mudknot

    Wu Lae having a chance with new Timeline?

    Wu Lae is the leader of the Tengu clan, anyone who never played Armageddon this is the rival clan to the Lin Kuei. The Tengu are similar to the Lin Kuei living in the icy mountains, however they are clothed in orange. Wu Lae uses a Scythe as a weapon and had attacked Taven thinking he was an...
  3. Mudknot

    Bring back Shujinko! *spoilers inside*

    Now its nothing but spoilers in here from the actual story line of MK. If you havnt finished or dont care please keep reading Im new to trmk however i have been a MK fan for a long time. I played since MK1 and even played the DC joke, anywho With Liu Kang now dead, and Shinnok's rise on the...