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  1. GrandMasterTRS

    Voting Petition: Exclusive Freddy Nightmare Realm DLC Stage!

    Hey folks, this is a voting petition to get an exclusive Freddy Krueger stage in Mortal Kombat. Freddy will be available august 9th so it would be awesome if he can get his own "Nightmare Realm" stage. Please klick just on the flyer to get into the thread where you can vote. The vote will runs...
  2. GrandMasterTRS

    MK9 - Cyrax Net of Death Fatality Remake

    Hey guys, I present you today my first awesome animation of 2011. This time I decide to make a remake of Cyrax's Net Fatality from MK9 also I decide to make an animation that looks all in all like MK9 like the awesome living forest stage. I hope you enjoy my latest fake fatality creation. ^_^...
  3. GrandMasterTRS

    MKUniverseLu - Ed Boon & Hans Lo Interview @ GamesCom 2010 HD

    Hey folks Here is the Ed Boon and Hans Lo interview mix from the GamesCom in Cologne I know its a little bit late but its really great. We had some problems with the conversions of the Videoformate and some pc errors thats the reason why we upload it only now. So I hope you enjoy both parts...
  4. GrandMasterTRS

    MK2 Deadpool Fatality Remake

    Hi folks :) This is my latest awesome fake fatality animation with Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero.^^ I make a cool remake of the former deadpool fatality from mk2. The main idea is by one of my old fake fatality pictures.^^ So check it out. MK2 Deadpool Fatality Remake: please leave a comment. ;) ^^
  5. GrandMasterTRS

    MK1 UFO DOUBLE FATALITY (Fake Fataltiy Animation)

    Hi folks This is my latest fake fatality animation. By a idea of this old fake fataltiy picture by myself. I decide to make a animation of the Ufo wins picture. If both charakters makes a double K.O. or a draw then only on the pit apears the UFO and kill both.:D MK1 UFO DOUBLE FATALITY...
  6. GrandMasterTRS

    MK Tag Team Fatality: Jade & Kitana Vs. Shao Kahn & Reiko

    Hi folks this is my lastest mk fake animation. This time I creat a tag team fatality with Jade, Kitana, Shao Kahn and Reiko in the living forest stage. Specially for this animation I creat a little Ending for Kitana and Jade. I hope you enjoy my new creation. Let the final battle begin...
  7. GrandMasterTRS

    Pacman in MK 1 & 3 easter egg

    did you know that Pacman is hidde in MK1 and MK3? MK1: You can see Pacman into the right corner of the palace gates stage above the door. MK3: Pacman are hidden into the streets Stage above the building but you never see him really in the game because your charakter can not jump high enough...
  8. GrandMasterTRS

    Tremor's Petrifaction Kick Fatality

    Hi folks ^^ I present you my latest animation with a idea for a fatality of Tremor. Tremor was only in mortal kombat special forces as a boss charakter. Many fans whould see him again in MK9 and I hope he returns.8) please leave a comment. Tremor's Petrifaction Kick Fatality:
  9. GrandMasterTRS

    MK2 Shao Kahn Wrath Fatality [Fake Animation]

    Hi folks this is my latest animation. After Kahns friendship I decide to creat a fatality for him too.:_smile::proud: I call it Shao Kahn's Wrath Fatality. BTW. This was my fastest animation I ever made in only one and a half day. 8) Enjoy the show and please leave a comment. :top:
  10. GrandMasterTRS

    MK2 Shao KAhn's Friendship

    Hi MK fans ^^ This is a idea for Shao Kahn's friendship (it's a fake). Shao Kahn versus Reiko on the warfield in front of Shao Kahn's outworld palace. MK2 Shao Kahn's Friendship: please leave a comment 8)
  11. GrandMasterTRS

    Real Live Mortal Kombat 1 & 2

    Hi MK fans I present you two of my older movie projeks it's Mortal Kombat Fighting Time Vol.1 & 2. The first movie is just for fun with 3 rounds and inserted mk sounds so I hope you like it:_wink: . Mortal Kombat Fighting Time Vol.1 8) KVTQNiGY_DI This is MKFT Vol.2 and it's much better than...
  12. GrandMasterTRS

    MK Mythologies - Jataaka's Slaughter Fatality

    Hi MK fans ^^ :hello: This is Jataaka's Slaughter Fatality. Jataaka was a boss charakter in MK Mythologies Sub-Zero and one of Quan Chi's assassins. I'm very proud to present it you all in a deadly animation and I hope you like it. Special thanks goes to my YouTube friend ACEKOMBAT for his...
  13. GrandMasterTRS

    MK Vs. DC Universe 2D Fatalities

    Hi folks ^^ :wavey: I present you 3 special MK versus DC Universe fatalities. The first is Superman's Heroic Fatality. WlhPKAH-Voo The Second is Superman's Heroic Brutality. Bob1sywjxYw The third is my favourite :top: Catwomen's Lash Slasher Fatality. i3qIzHjQG2I :rock::ciao:
  14. GrandMasterTRS

    The New Secret Belltower Stage Fatality

    MK3 - The New Secret Belltower Stage Fatality Hi MK fans:hello: This is my latest fatality animation i hope you like it. I think he looks like a real stage fatality in the real MK3 but it is just a fake fatality. As I saw the sprite of the clock from the belltower stage on the mkwarehouse I...