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  1. Noob-Ermac

    666 Refrences

    Post any refrences you can find to 666. For example: My brother was the 666th person to get his drivers license at the driving school he went to. [im serious lol]
  2. Noob-Ermac


    How do you do fatalities?
  3. Noob-Ermac

    What ever happened too...

    What ever happened to Tremor? I thought he was gonna be in this.
  4. Noob-Ermac


    You know the room in Sektors ship right after the place where u uppercut guys into the fan? Where all those guys are and u do the fireball? How do i kill them lol i keep dying. Is there a trick?
  5. Noob-Ermac

    Mortal Kombat Armegeddon

    Tell us all of your first few minutes of expirience in this wonderful game, Mortal Kombat Armegeddon! We all know that it is out tomarrow, or today for some people, so PLEASE SHARE WITH THOSE UNLUCKY ONES WHO DIDNT GET IT AND DESCRIBE THE GAME! SCREENSHOTS APPRICIATED!
  6. Noob-Ermac

    Truth or Truth

    This is basically truth or dare, except you can only do truth. The first person to post after this post has to ansewer this question: Are you a virgin? Then the person who ansewers that has to ask another question, whoever ansewers that asks another question, and so on. Ok? Good luck lolz
  7. Noob-Ermac

    Sprite Edits

    I might be making sprite edits of people. So say what combinations of people or w/e and ill try my best to make them because i only have MS Paint.
  8. Noob-Ermac

    Signature Request

    Where do you get all those thin colored pictures for you signature that say stuff like "Xbox360 Player" or "GTA Pwnr" stuff like that. I know McCarron has one on his signature. Thanks!
  9. Noob-Ermac

    Been too long!

    Hey. I havn't been on TRMK in a while, and i wanted to go back on so i made this thread. This thread is a thread to explain what has happened on TRMK latley. So what's been happinin?
  10. Noob-Ermac

    Found A Fatality!!!

    I didn't try it yet but this is one of Sub-Zero's Fatalities or Mutalities; Right,Right,Right,Down,X(Xbox)
  11. Noob-Ermac


    Who has seen this? I,for one, think it is awsome!
  12. Noob-Ermac

    Most posts

    WHo has the most posts on the forums?
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    Here are some "sucky" avatars i made for Shaolin Monks;
  14. Noob-Ermac

    Nijna or not?

    Do you think they should make Reptile a Ninja or not?
  15. Noob-Ermac

    SPOLIER!!! Shaolin Monks DEMO storyline

    Please highlight or quote the following: It starts out with Lui Kang and Kung Lao falling into Goro's lair,which is falling apart, and Raiden tells you that you have won your first Mortal Kombat, and Shang Tsung is a poor loser, next he tell's you that goro's lair is one of Shang Tsung's traps...
  16. Noob-Ermac

    New character ideas for MKSM

    Post your new character ideas for MKSM. Name:Sub-Borg Age: Unknown Height: 5'2"Weight:199.98 lbs Gender:Male Race:Cyborg Clan:Lin Kuei Apperance: An "Icey Blue" cyborg Bio: After the defeat of his older brother,and the death of Frost,Sub-Zero surrenders to the Lin Keui and is turn into a...
  17. Noob-Ermac

    What are you doing?

    Eating Pizza,Watching Teen Titans,and posting on TRMKF.
  18. Noob-Ermac

    Imageshack or Photobucket? or Photobucket? I use Imageshack for my artwork,what do you all use?
  19. Noob-Ermac

    Remix of my first fake

    My first fake ever had no backround and was blury,and a little 2 big. So here is a remix of my first fake ever:
  20. Noob-Ermac

    JULY 4

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!! :D The 229th Aniversary of The signing of the Declaration of Independence. Happy 229th Birthday America!