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  1. The Immortal King

    Favourite Jedi/Sith

    You can obviously guess what this is from the title, so answers please this is my choice favourite jedi Kit Fisto baby!!!!! Favourite sith Darth Tyranus himself, count Dooku!
  2. The Immortal King

    Star Wars t.v programme

    its been confirmed, star wars will be made into a telivision programme. Geoge lucas has agreed to write 100 one-hour long episodes. They will fill in the gaps between episode 111 revenge of the sith and episode 1V a new hope. it will be a lot darker and a lot more character based, and will...
  3. The Immortal King


    When they create a new mk game i was wondering which story they follow up on? Ive heard people saying characters cant come back because they r dead, but what ive noticed is although a character might die in someones ending, they might not in someone elses. For example in deception in hotarus...