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  1. InfernoScorpion

    Render problem...

    Can anyone help me find a render of Scorpion's mkd alt costume? If i recall i think it was posted in the news section...
  2. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: Acid Meal

    Insiperation struck me in the balls, after some time without fake ideas i think this would be a good one to post. I haven't worked on a fake in a while, but i still want any advice you can offer me. -No shadows -The checkered backround would probably make it look bad/or worse depending on...
  3. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: MKSM tagteam

    Well this is a tagteam of Kung Lao and Sub-Zero killing Reptile. I really put alot of work into this one so I hope you guys like it. EDIT: this is more of a concept than a real thing, since i edited the sprites this time.....
  4. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: CrossRoads

    Once again inspiration hit me. Note: I had to "cut-out" the weapons from another bacround which wasn't exactly great, so tell me if they seem iffy.
  5. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: The end of Sub-Zero

    The end of the original Sub-Zero for now... Couple things. No shadows becuase it was difficult to make them on this backround for some reason. No shaded backround because this was the last hit that subby took. The spear isn't inverted i made that myself. The Scorpion sprite i also made...
  6. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: Baraka VS Mileena

    Baraka and Mileena fighting on The Balconey....
  7. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: The Balconey

    I really love this how about you? 8)
  8. InfernoScorpion


    Well today March 30th I was born and made a little gift for me.
  9. InfernoScorpion

    Reptile goes ballistic

    A little idea i got...
  10. InfernoScorpion

    Netherealm Layer

    A little something i made while i was bored, a netherealm fancy house/layer.
  11. InfernoScorpion

    Glitch/Easter Egg?

    I found a funny thing. When playing Ko-op have 2nd player play as Scorpion. He will imitate Kung-Lao's voice and in some of the cutscene he will take his "invislbe" hat and use it. While fighting Shao Khan i got to the point where the intro for fighting khan starts. Looking closely as Scorps...
  12. InfernoScorpion

    Ermac's epilouge

    Here's an old story i did along with an art piece. I decided to post it here becuase its a good story. After the defeat of Onaga, Ermac bids farewell to his new earthrealm allies and goes on his search for this new disturbance he traces, he knew that he would need alot more power than he has...
  13. InfernoScorpion

    The new Ermac

    By far, my greatest idea for Ermac's new look. Some Info: After the defeat of Onaga, Ermac bids farewell to his new earthrealm allies and goes on his search for this new disturbance he traces, he knew that he would need alot more power than he has now so he goes off to search for items for his...
  14. InfernoScorpion

    Some Hand Art

    Not my best work, but it's what I doodled. Rate... Try to guess who it is 8)
  15. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: Mk II Kung Lao

    Kung Lao just slices Reptile like a knife through warm butter, rate.
  16. InfernoScorpion

    Fake: Ermac

    Old fake i dug up, rant if you want
  17. InfernoScorpion

    Sig: Mortal Enemies

    Well made this sig originally for Kold as Ice, but might not becuase its a bit big. Rate please...
  18. InfernoScorpion

    Hotaru hand art

    I did a drawing of Hotaru, the picture isn't in full zoom so quality ain't that great. I messed up on the left arm (the one in a fist) and his facial features a bit, other than that it seems good. Oh and i think i sprained my wrist on this so please apprectiate this. :wink: Click for bigger...
  19. InfernoScorpion

    Member Block 4??

    Well being bored and searching the forums i found the member block by Icey Sub-Zero...I decided to just patch the pics up just a tick to make em look neat, these arn't in any real specific order( only top 2 ) so don't kill me if your not the top. So you like?
  20. InfernoScorpion

    Font shrinking can anyone get me that font shrunk just a bit and pm it to me? thanks