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  1. diddyman

    Diddymans pic/sigs

    rate my pic on a 1-10!
  2. diddyman

    Mk can save TRMK!

    Why don't we start an online tournament via trmk to bring back life to the site we can all promote it via myspace and myspace mobile. Also why doesn't anybody make a trmk myspace? It does seem like the smart thing to do to get new members.:-D
  3. diddyman

    Another N.S.W. Klassik

    Ladies and gentlemen i present to you...... More NSW. J.A.C.K. Stone vs. Rush vs. Mike God Damn. Enjoy!:ciao:
  4. diddyman

    Another N.S.W. Klassik.

    Ladies and gentlemen i present to you...... More NSW. J.A.C.K. Stone vs. Rush vs. Mike God Damn. Enjoy!:ciao:
  5. diddyman

    Best Match Of My Career!

    Peoples, what you are about to see is quite frankly the best match of my career! I think you will enjoy it whether you want or not! Let me now present to you my match from N.E.W.: CODE RED on youtube.
  6. diddyman


    People if you like Seeing people get knocked the **** out please go to you will not be sorry! look for a miami based fight club like link! The Rest is history!:-D if you can't find it try:
  7. diddyman

    More you tube!

    Ladies and Gents, please direct your attention to NSW: If you love or hate, let me know!:-D you can check out all my videos by going to my profile at
  8. diddyman

    First You tube NSW Video. This is the first video from nsw on you tube, tag newyorkstreetwrestling. hope you like it. P.S. this is the full length version on the photobucket one.:-D
  9. diddyman

    Yuo Tube upload.

    I just uploaded a VIDEO to utube and its taking a long time, does it always take this long?:sleep: what can i do to speed it up?:hmmmm:
  10. diddyman

    New vids of my fed NSW!

    This is just a sample of my federations matches more to come later on!
  11. diddyman

    Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft

    Today its official, Bill Gates Has Removed himself from day to day operations. He will however remain as Chairman of the Board and Keep his title as the Number 1 shareholder in the Company, I believe if i'am not mistaken, either paul allen or Ray ozzie will take his chair as Lead software...
  12. diddyman

    My Space.... does meeting celebrities there count?

    Do meeting celebrities via myspace count as actually meeting them? I've met and now have friended at least 5 WWE superstars without even having to talk to them. Is this normal or is this some kind of bullsh*t?
  13. diddyman

    Original Serial killer pics

    Post pics of your best Serial Killer Look, Best one should be awarded 5 trmkarma points, that;s if one of the TRMKarma point awarders allow it. But do it anyway just for fun. here is a re-post of mine. Beat that, hotshots! :lol:
  14. diddyman

    Boondocks Martin Luther King

    Do you agree with this quote taking from the Boondocks Martin Luther King, Jr. 2005 I had a dream speech? "Will you ignorant niggaz please Shut the Hell Up!? This Is it, this is what I got All those ass whipping for? I had a dream once, I had a dream that little black boys and little black...
  15. diddyman

    Pathetic. Nice try, but pathetic.

    I like the fact that the guys at midway went out of their way to give us rabid mk fans an expanded version of the mkda conquest( aka, inadverted Shaolin Monks preview). I appreciate it more than they know, but it's just not worth the time spent completing it. Don't get me wrong, it’s a good way...
  16. diddyman

    MKD's the Greatest, but can it be greater?

    ( this is long, so you better go to the bathroom or whatever before you read this) :lol: Mortal Kombat Deception is probably one of the greatest MK games since MK II, but there are some problems with what they did none the less. First off, the animations and physics, while good, where not as...
  17. diddyman

    Can the movie New MK movie be three times the Failure?

    I'am asking for your honest opinion here,nothing said here can be wrong I just want to here from you on whether this movie can be 3 times the failure: That's where a movie does even worse than 3 movies combined. you can answer the poll, or post your own opinion, or both!
  18. diddyman

    Will the new MK movie stay true to the game?

    Will the new MK movie stay true to the game? Or will it be Anillhilation all over again with the underwhelming plot and almost completly fictional dipiction of the actual mortal kombat story? I would like to believe that they would stay more true to the game by letting the actual story that in...