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  1. ninjustyn


    Brightened up the image. Looks kinda fake imo.
  2. ninjustyn

    Screw Best Buy!

    I ordered the regular with expedited shipping. On 4/18, Best Buy emailed me saying it shipped. By 4/19, the tracking number they gave me still said that UPS did not receive the shipment for delivery. I called them up and Best Buy told me they gave me a wrong tracking number and that it should...
  3. ninjustyn

    Noob's X-ray Question

    I didn't realize this until recently...but how would you be able to block against Noob's X-ray when Saibot comes from behind you? I'm sure they wouldn't make it an unblockable seeing has how most of the other character X-rays are blockable. And forgive me if I put this in the wrong section.