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  1. mk4km

    in 16 or so years i still havent mastered these....

    especially after online play. I still havent mastered the exact spacing of crossover dial-in combos. When I play a few people, they have the spacing down to a T...meaning when they do the crossover, i cant anti-hp/hk them because they are to close, but i also cant uppercut them on the other end...
  2. mk4km

    Do redeemable codes expire after a while?

    I know I am totally late entering the redeemable code I got preordering this with gamestop a million years ago (i forgot to do it after a while when the psn network was down). Anyways I go to online - redeem code, and ente rmy code, it accepts it, downloads it, installs it, and then when i go...
  3. mk4km

    Best player u played and why (despite lag)

    This guy xxgunsblazinxx on ps3 network for umk3 so far. only person ive seen with such impeccable timing that if you rush him to pull a combo, he can just stand there and get the right second to do his own combo where it cancels out yours, even if you are starting a combo with a kick, and he...
  4. mk4km

    People who want to play each other in this forum post here

    post yer level and what games you wanna play Looking for friendly play and not ranked all the time. ps3 tag is tekfreak5. 1500 umk3 level. ill play mk2 and mk3 but hell why not mk1 as well post here if ya wanna play some mkak!
  5. mk4km

    i really hate when....

    someone with a higher ranking leaves the game when i beat them the 1st round just so they can keep their score...:reddy:
  6. mk4km

    WHats your online ranking? (and other online thoughts besides lag)

    Right now 112th for umk3 with a 1306 score :\ Tekfreak5 is my handle. I notice most "newbs" use smoke.
  7. mk4km

    2 player controller doesnt work to unlock hidden charachters in 1 player game

    anyone else having this problem? i mean not only is it silly to have us do what we did forever ago in the arcades, but i cant even get it to work! only my 1 player controller can change the 1st 5 boxes of the combat kode. with my 2nd controller on, it does NOTHING to the last 5 boxes
  8. mk4km

    Some questions/comments from an old fogie MK player regarding combos

    Not feeling the combo system at all. Using mk3/mk2 as a reference, Im having issues pulling off basic combos. For example, why on earth when I do Ermacs raise slam, can I not just do a simple jump kick afterwards in the air for a simple 2 hit combo? It doesnt make sense. Is the timing that anal...
  9. mk4km

    I need help from any1 knowledgable with computers/online play

    Ok so im trying to play MOrtal Kombat 2 over the MAME(arcade emulator) on my computer over a network. For som reason on my side I am lagging. The opponent is not and I can tell they arent because they are quicker in their reactions(i am extremely good at the game, but the game responds slower to...
  10. mk4km

    Possible to play Mk1-4 online/internet?

    ANybody know? I heard of some MAME type application that allows for internet play. LEt me know!