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  1. kold_as_ice92

    My resignation from trmk

    I am here to sign my resignation from this once-great forum. Given my recent inactivity through the past two months, I'm announcing my official departure from trmk--Oops, I mean Realm Media Networks. Farewell to the few friends of mine on here that are still here (and not gone or banned). Take...
  2. kold_as_ice92

    [Jax's home run kill]

    told you I'd be back! now I understand that there are quite afew errors in here, but understand me. Jax has ripped off Kano's arm while holding his shirt. he then swung outwards with Kano's arm and knocked his head off, sending it towards the screen. lemme know whatcha think.
  3. kold_as_ice92

    [Arm Impalement]

    my first fake in a long time.'s average. expect a new one soon.
  4. kold_as_ice92

    me...IN AN ACTION MOVIE! (not quite)

    made this in half an hour.
  5. kold_as_ice92

    my new cap avatar

    whatcha think of my new cap avatar? the death of him has ended my readings of Marvel comics. I will only continue to purchase every old cap issue and the new Night of the Living Dead comics.
  6. kold_as_ice92

    3 New Fakes

    here are 3 special fakes that took several hours out of my week to complete and didn't want these ideas to go to waste. here, you will see that Kano has thrown a special knife that explodes Cyrax. my least-favorite of the three. here is a realistic(to the game) fake of Jax ripping the...
  7. kold_as_ice92

    cyrax fake

  8. kold_as_ice92

    my first mk video!

    well i spent alittel time and made this simple video, just to test out the stuff on MovieMaker. enjoy.
  9. kold_as_ice92

    Hard Times fake

    this morning i was watching the AWESOME Charles Bronson film Hard Times and got really amped, and then it struck me--this would be perfect for a fake. this one depicts Bronson's fight between him and the bald Cajun fighter in the caged facility. took me several hours to make this one today. enjoy!
  10. kold_as_ice92

    [just a small scorpion fake]

    have fun.
  11. kold_as_ice92

    NEW script

    well i finally realized that "Wet Dog" is extremely retarded, so I took some time off my OTHER action script Hot Blood in Cold Moscow to do ANOTHER action script im totally sure of. It's titled Final Mercy and the main character is a cop/former Special Forces recruit Jack Mercer. when his father...
  12. kold_as_ice92

    I Worked-out!

    HYEEAAH!!! 20 dumbbell curls and 70 crunches on my bro's weightset! gonna get BUILT! Stallone-gut, here I several years of intense work.
  13. kold_as_ice92

    your favorite actors(who can act)

    who are your favorite actors of all time? By that I mean ones who can act(unlike Keanu Reeves or Tara Reid). sadly, Schwarzenegger and Seagal are only convincing if they are holding AK-47s/9mm's in your face. mine Samuel L. Jackson Christian Bale Robert DeNiro Bruce Willis my all-time favorite...
  14. kold_as_ice92

    [one little fake]

  15. kold_as_ice92

    DVD's you've bought recently

    The Russian Specialist
  16. kold_as_ice92

    Ermac's Dissection [fake]

    this I cooked up over alot of time today, and I'm sure there's plenty of errors for you fake masters to sort-out(like how all of the blood from Subzero should be kept within the green because its in his bodies suspension. oh well. and on a side-thingy, I started this fake with Turok last week...
  17. kold_as_ice92

    currently starting a script for my own independent action film

    well i was watching documentaries on Robert Rodriguez(Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn) this morning and thinking about the 80's action film Stone Cold when it hit me like a sack of bricks dropped from the Prudential Building in Boston--the perfect set for an independent action film. my idea was...
  18. kold_as_ice92

    fatality satus meter missing

    where'd it go? yesterday it was saying the stuff like BLOODY FATALITY. now it's just saying '(name) wins!' does it HAVE to be 2 rounds to win the whole thing, or can it be shown with '1 round to move to the next opponent'?
  19. kold_as_ice92

    [subzero massacre fake]

    as you can see, Sub-zero just went all-out. kinda like an MKA fake. peace.
  20. kold_as_ice92

    Recent purchases/trades/acquisitions

    Passenger 57 on dvd Thunderball (007 book)