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  1. Jack Sparrow

    My PS3 crashed screwed and all that!!!

    So I have to get it out of my system now. For some damn reason, my PS3 froze and didnt respond. Tried to restore the firmware, restore the file system, ... not worked. So what I did?? well, I had to restore the damn PS3 and all my games and saves and trophies... deleted!!! So now I...
  2. Jack Sparrow

    Mortal Kombat and videogames music

    Greetings all Well I've been wanting to make this thread to have an idea of how all of you enjoy music in MK and overall videogames, so this goes long: I've been playing videogames since the Atari 2600 and always found that I enjoyed music in games a lot, since the tiny melody in Moon Patrol...