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  1. Insultion

    Marvel Fighting Game (Want)

    I want a Marvel fighting game. I used to own an X-Men fighting game and it was honestly the only thing I'd play with other people. I remember sucking eggs with Phoenix, and smashing with Gambit. I don't want something like Ultimate Alliance, I want a 2D (3D is acceptable, but I might as well...
  2. Insultion

    Music you like to play Mortal Kombat to

    I was wondering what kind of musics or even specific songs you guys like to play when you get your game on, or when you're just casual kombatting. Personally, I love playing to anything... but I tend to play the Mortal Kombat theme when I play. I'm original like that ;)
  3. Insultion

    Getting better in the future

    I'm not sure if this may have been asked before - I didn't know whether I should ask in someone else's thread anyways... I am not *terrible* at Mortal Kombat, but I do get stubborn and refuse to learn much even when that's what I'm trying to do. So what I was going to ask is: Is there anyone...