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  1. SolidSheik

    Final Mortal Kombat

    Okay i made this thread to find out what everyone think should be the final mortal kombat. All good things gotta end so like MGS at which part do you think they should stop making mortal kombat games. And also tell which spin-off game would you like to see as the final game For me i hope Mortal...
  2. SolidSheik

    MK:AK is coming next month for PC

    So I just read a tweet from one of TRMK members saying MK:AK is coming next month for PC. Now I really hate boon and NRS. First they dont release MK 9 for PC and now they delay the game by 1 month, WTF??! I am not gonna support NRS, i already have the collection on MAME and PS1 emulated versions...
  3. SolidSheik

    Eid Mubarak!!!!

    Tomorrow is Eid. I am so excited. For those of you who don't know what Eid is, It is the day all Muslims around the world celebrate after fasting for 30 days (it may vary from country to country). First we go to the mosque early in the morning to start the day and then people visit your house...
  4. SolidSheik

    Ugliest Mortal Kombat character.(no monsters)

    If you are a male tell the 3 ugliest girls from MK If you are a female name the 3 ugliest guys from MK. No Shokans or other monsters/demons just the humans :) For me its 1. Sareena 2. Kira 3. Ashrah Although I like these characters :love: i admit they are kinda ugly *EDIT: humans, tarkatans...