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  1. Mad Max Andrade

    Some MK drawings...

    Kabal Liu Kang Johnny Cage Havik Scorpion Sonya Ashrah I'll post more as soon as I can draw them.
  2. Mad Max Andrade


    People, I was serachin' for some news about MKA when I've read in a Brazilian forum that we'll have 30 innitial characters, 30 unlockable ones and 2 (Khameleon and Motaro) Super Unlockables. Could someone tell me if this information is true?
  3. Mad Max Andrade

    One little thing about Shinnok...

    ...I´ve just realized that Shinnok hasn't any special moves, he is only able to use oter fighters' attacks. Do you people think he will only reproduce attacks once more or Midway will create special moves for Shinnok?
  4. Mad Max Andrade

    Styles you wanna see in MKA

    Midway will need new styles for MKA, and I had the idea of asking you for some of them. Like these: Krav Maga Samkakmukwan Jun Kwan Do Boxing Hsing-I
  5. Mad Max Andrade

    Where do I hide this damn map?

    Hello, peolpe, I´m new here, and...I´m having some problems in Konquest mode. One of them is about the Kabal side mission, when he wants me to hide a map to Earthrealm. Only after doing this, I´ll be able to fight Kabal and get his alt costume. But where exactly must I hide the map? In...