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    How to pass time?? Especially with friends.

    I wanted to discuss something that is extremely important. How to pass the time on days off work. Typically I don't have much friends, but recently I saw a friend from high school and he said that they play basketball once a week and that I should come by and play. Oh I was so happy this...
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    The NX is announced. The good, bad, or ugly about Mortal Kombat??

    First of all let me say I'm a Nintendo only gamer. So it would be nice to have an mk game on the NX. I played UMK like hell on the ds while it still had wifi. The good: umk3 comes to the NX and plays well. The bad: no mortal Kombat can come to the NX?? The ugly: a mortal Kombat comes to...
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    Got a question about selling games online...

    I recently sold a new 3DS and one game to a site called, and one month passed with no reply. I then complained to the better business bureau and they decided to pay $13.37 for one game, yet they still have to pay for the console, which is $120. My questions are: 1) Do you...
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    I'd like to see a 3DS mortal kombat with wifi.

    I had a real good time with the nintendo ds version. After the wifi shutdown of the nintendo ds, things haven't been the same for mk. Playing on the handheld was real fun. I wish there would be some sort of announcement.
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    Anyone have any clue if the a version of MKX will be released for handhelds?

    I'd be real happy if one was to be released. Actually, all replies are welcome, but looking forward to Patrick's post the most, he always has something insightful to say.
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    Need advice about Video games...

    Okay a recent question that has been popping in my mind and kinda bothering me lately is this. Will my video game console (and games) appreciate over time? I'm not talking 10 years. I'm talking in about 25 years or so. I have a 3DS, and by the time it is over I should have 25-35 games (I have...
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    Can't loggin to Gamespot. They don't want me there anymore?

    First I would like to say that my username and password are automatically saved on the screen, so I'm not typing the wrong password or anything. But....I've noticed that I cannot log on anymore. Gamespot won't let me sign in. It seems like they don't want me anymore. That's the way I see it...
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    Ever met someone who is determined/thinks he is right, while he is absolutely wrong??

    I see this in forum posts all the time. I've even had a back and forth with people who are clearly/for the most part wrong, but persist in their futile beliefs. What makes them do it? Is it being defensive? Is it conviction? Proving a point despite being on the wrong end?
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    What I don't like/understand about the PS4

    Forgive my utter assimilation (or lack thereof) to the next gen, but it feels to futuristic in my view. Did you see that PS4 commercial? It looks like we've gone into the real world of the year 3000. Flying cars, tall building that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It depresses me. I miss the...
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    Question about DLC for Injustice?

    How many DLC do you think we will be getting??? And I ask for forgiveness beforehand, but I want to know how DLC is stored? Does it store on the Disk directly or does it store on a storage device?
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    If WWIII started today, would you be ready?

    Have you always been ready? Or are you still striving to be ready? Please explain your situation as it pertains to the title. Nobody likes or expects war, but sometimes, it comes without wanting or choosing it.
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    Mortal Kombat multiplayer servers

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know anything about Mortal Kombat servers? I mean, how does it work, is it something that lasts forever ( I mean does the equipment need replacing) and whether there is one main database center, or many in several places?
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    Human Evolution? In the year 5000?

    How do you think humans would have evolved by the year 5000? Will we have Mortal Kombat powers like kung Lao or like Shinnok? Or will we stay the same?
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    Romney calls 47% of Americans victims. I beg to differ.

    Aaaah, the man with the negligible and null opinions. Mitt Romney. Say tell me something, if this man doesn't trust Americans "that much", why doesn't he quit the presidential race? This man doesn't deserve to win the Presidential race. And the polls are clearly stating Obama has a clear...
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    6 James Bond games on one disk. Its called James Bond 007 : Legends.

    What do you think about this? Have you heard of it? The news of this announcement was shocking. Please give me your thoughts on this, and if you like Goldeneye 007 (Hopefully it will be in there, crosses fingers).
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    Looking to see if there are any UMK3 tournaments...

    I don't have an x-box, and even if I did I couldn't download UMK3. But I'm looking forward to see if there are any officially hosted tournaments and stuff, where you go to places and the winner gets a good prize, so does second place and third place.
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    Question to all who played mortal kombat 9 on PS3 or 360.

    I never played this MK9 game. Now I hear it is coming for the Vita. So I have a couple of questions to you guys.... Are the combos in this game better/more comprehensive that UMK3? That really is the only question I have, because I want to get it for Vita, and I want to make a wise and smart...
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    Is Ultimate Mortal Kombat coming to STEAM?

    It has been really quiet on this. Anyone have an opinion?
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    Adding Noob, Johnny, Baraka, and Raiden to PC MK:AK as DLC

    I really think this will probably not happen, but please discuss your thoughts about how you would feel if these characters were put in additionally as DLC. Everyone would go kookoo bananas with happiness, right? OK I'm not trying to get your hopes up, but your opinions count, and it would be...
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    So what are the chances of a version of MK9 for the Nintendo 3DS?

    I'de be willing to pick a copy up. I mean, it doesn't have to be all the characters in MK9, but some sort of version for the 3DS would be nice. What are the chances of an announcement?