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  1. RoboSmoke

    Sub-Zero codes WILL be in all Best Buy editions of MK Awesome news!
  2. RoboSmoke

    Good article about the MK game leaking *spoilers* The article is in Portugese at first, scroll down for the English version. It explains a little bit how the game was probably leaked down in Brazil, by a resident down there who uploaded the Smoke...
  3. RoboSmoke

    Any 360 users feel the same way about the lack of a demo?

    First off, I don't want this to become a 360 vs. PS3 fight thread so please be civil if there are any disagreements. Constructive arguments are welcomed. This is mostly geared towards people who own only an Xbox 360 like me but PS3 users feel free to say something. As we all know, Xbox 360...
  4. RoboSmoke

    PDP TE Fight Stick Available For Preorder

    I don't think this has already been posted, but the TE fight stick is available for preorder on PDP's website for a April 14th release. Here's the link: Those who missed out on preordering the TE now have the opportunity to buy the stick separately, or...